Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter

Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter

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Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter
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version 170.0.1
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There are many applications to make money from the Internet, some of them are real and some are not real. Today we will talk about the walking to make money application that has become very popular in social networks, and through which you can earn money. The idea for it came from the developers because of the great economic crisis that caused the spread of obesity. Among people there is an imbalance between financial income and monthly expenses, and this has prompted many to search for real alternatives to earn money without putting in much effort. In this article, we explain in detail the walking application to answer the most frequently asked questions about this application.

What is the application?

It is one of the most famous applications that has caused a stir recently. Such an application encourages people to exercise and win the article at the same time. Therefore, its benefits are many and its features are wonderful and exciting. It represents a store and an electronic wallet through which exchange, purchase, and deals can be made. Given the importance of this application, it will be necessary to download the Sweet application. Sweatcoin 2023 for Android and iPhone, the latest version, with a direct link for all Android users who practice exercise habits such as walking daily. In return, the walking program gives you money to earn, as once you download the sweatcoin, the latter will convert your exercise effort into money that you can benefit from by withdrawing it or purchasing it through the store. This is an encouragement to everyone who wants to start practicing sports activity and obtain a good body and excellent health.

How to use the application?

The application uses some rules that are sponsored by the user so that he can earn money, and these rules include:
The application is downloaded on your phone through the Google Play Store for all Android phones, or through the App Store for iPhone users.
Install the app on my phone and open it from its icon in the main menu of the phone.
Start walking or running anywhere.
Money is calculated according to the number of steps used in walking, and is calculated through the use of Gps
The application converts steps into points, then every 1,000 steps are calculated at $95.
The capture of the currency is then converted to Sweetcoin, which is used to purchase other applications or purchase videos about different sports and yoga lessons.

What are the features of the application?

•It is the application that gives you a financial reward in exchange for exercising.
• It helps us to exercise and walk regularly, which improves your body’s fitness and benefits you financially.
• It is an application to track activity and movement, as every movement has a health and material value.
•Exercise at home or in nature and get coins.
• It recognizes your physical activity by increasing the number of steps.
•It is one of the most important tools that helps you maintain your health in various ways, including walking, which gives you physical fitness, and loses weight.
• It monitors your steps thanks to the distance meter inside the program.
•Get more coins by staying active.
•Competitions can be held with family and friends by downloading this program on their phones and starting to achieve achievements.
•Do your health work and start counting your steps to reach many kilometers.
• Suitable for all ages, men and women alike.

About the application

The application has a rating of 4.4 in the Google Play Store out of a total of 2 million ratings.
The application size is 83 MB.
Downloads reach 50 million and more.