Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter

Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter

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Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter
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Walking is considered one of the most important sports for human health, and a large number of experts and doctors recommend walking daily for a certain period of time. There is no doubt that the benefits of walking are very many as it maintains body weight and helps prevent many diseases, and once you practice the hobby of walking, your body benefits, so what do you think If your body benefits and you earn an amount of money by walking?, this is what we offer you today, the Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter application that tracks walking steps and earns the user through the steps he takes.
The Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter application, or what is known as the walking application, is an application available for all mobile phones, and this application gives financial rewards to its users for the number of steps taken in walking, and the application adds to the user Sweatcoin currency for every thousand steps that the user takes, and then it can be converted into dollars and collected Profits and then withdraw them.
The application works in conjunction with the sensor responsible for vibrations in the mobile phone, as the application uses GPS to track movement so that the phone can track steps and calculate them to convert them into profits in the end, and the application relies on collecting the largest number of points and then submitting a request to transfer to dollar currency or to an online store You can purchase through it within the application.

Application explanation

The method of activating the application is very easy, as after installing the application, you must create your own account or register with a Google account. A verification code is sent to your mobile phone and then entered into the application to verify the account. After that, you can enter the application and start counting and calculating your steps, which appear in front of you in the form of a number in the center of the main interface of the application.
To calculate the amount gained from walking steps, you must first calculate the number of Sweatcoin coins, and every thousand steps are counted with one Sweatcoin, and each Sweatcoin equals $0.0137, so to get $1, you must collect 20 coins, and to get $100, you must collect 7,300 Currency, and there are a number of features that can be used within the application, as the application offers daily rewards that can reach 1000 currencies by entering the application and clicking on the word “try your luck”.
You can withdraw the earned money via Paypal, where you must enter the application, then click on the store, choose get it now, press the word continue, enter the application website, press Start, then log in with your name and email, after that you can enter your paypal account and withdraw money from it On your personal account, you can also use coins in in-app purchases as it provides a number of products that can be obtained for coins.
This application encourages people to practice walking, and perhaps their registration in the application in return for walking is a greater motivation to exercise regularly, and this application can easily recognize your movement via the Global Positioning System (GPS), so that the application can count the steps and know the distance that you have traveled while walking in the morning.

The application of this program has actually started in the United States and Great Britain, and this application is expected to reach all parts of Europe, then the Arab countries, and the longer you practice walking, the greater your share of Sveatcoin, the more you take a thousand steps you will get a coin, which is sweatcoin, This means that you can make a huge profit by playing your favorite sport.

Application features

The app tracks users’ movement via GPS, pays 1 sweat coin for every 1,000 steps, and many other offers.
• The user can also purchase a product from the application itself with the money that he will get from a virtual store. Where the store contains various forms and types of fitness equipment.
• Gift cards and more offers.

About the application

The application has a rating of 4.5 in the Google Play Store, out of a total of 1 million reviews.
The application size is 60MB.
Downloads of up to 50 million and more.