Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter

Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter

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Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter
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version 128.0
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Have you tried earning money for walking? Do you need to know how many steps you have recorded during your specific training program? If you are an athlete and you have assigned yourself a training walking program on a daily basis and you want to calculate the number of steps that you recorded during the training period and you are unable to manually count or you lack concentration in the number while walking now, you do not need to worry. The application is one of the best applications in calculating the number of steps you have achieved. during a certain time or period. As the application helps you to count and calculate the number of your steps in a correct way. The application also calculates the number of your steps and converts them into money, so the more steps you walk, the greater your wealth, as the application pays you money as an incentive for walking. You can now create wealth through sports by walking on a daily basis, and you can benefit from the profitable money through the application and spend it on gyms. The first and best application that rewards you for your sports performance and compensates you with the money that you can spend on gyms and sports equipment.

Application idea

Application that counts steps. The application gives you money for the steps. An application that pays money for walking. Now you can earn money for the number of your steps, and the more steps you take, the higher your profits. The app is a new addition to the step counting and activity tracking tools. Because the application converts your steps into money that you can spend on sports machines and sports and fitness equipment. services and activities. The app is the next generation achievement tracker. You can spend the money earned on products, services and activities. offered by our partner brands in the online marketplace. Or you can exchange coins with your friends and family. Or spend it to donate to charitable causes with noble goals. The fitter and healthier you become, the richer you will be. Movement has value. You will earn money whether you are exercising at home or outdoors. The activity tracker from the app will allow you to track your progress. Step counting and activity monitoring when you exercise. Download the app to take advantage of free offers on our online marketplace that is full of discounts and exclusive products. Whether you want to get in shape, lose weight or track your fitness level, the app is the perfect app for staying healthy. You can use the app on your Android smartphone or iPhone and currently on your Apple Watch. And soon on Android Wear. You only need to take one step to get started.

Application features

• Pedometer. The app will run in the background while preserving battery power to count your steps, distance and step rate.
• electronic market. Get exclusive freebies, prizes and discounts you won’t find anywhere else.
• Crowdfunding. Donate to help important causes just by walking. You can contribute to many charitable causes. Use the app to help out with various charitable projects. These organizations provide bank currencies such as dollars, pounds sterling or euros after you donate your money to charity.
• Safety. The app uses its own algorithm to count your steps. We respect your privacy and do not track your location
• The application is suitable for those aged 4 years and over
• Ads can be placed by the application developer
• Possibility of in-app purchase

About the application

• Application version 151.1
• Updated date 04/20/2023
• The download size is 237.6 m. B
• Required ios iOS 12.4 or later
• Possibility of purchase 21.99 EGP. M – 219.99 EGP. m for each element
• Trader name sweatco ltd
• Release date 07/12/2021
• Rating of 4.5 out of 5