Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter

Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter

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Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter
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Version 129.1
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If you are looking for additional motivation to exercise and a healthy lifestyle, today’s app is a great option worth trying.
The application is an ideal step towards motivating people to exercise and maintain their physical fitness.

What is the application?

It is a free app that helps track your daily steps and convert them into points called Sweatcoins. The app is ideal for people who are looking to get extra motivation to exercise and walk.
The application works in a simple and easy way. By turning it on and placing the phone in your pocket or belt, the number of steps you take is counted and converted into Sweatcoins. You can also get additional points by performing additional tasks, such as answering surveys or challenging friends to a walk.
One good feature of this app is that Sweatcoins can be used to purchase products and services that are free or at a lower cost. The list of available products is constantly updated, and includes various offers such as discounts on hotel accommodation, airline tickets, and health and beauty products.
In addition, the Sweatcoin account can be linked to many other applications, allowing for faster access to promotions and special discounts.
In addition to the economic benefits, the app also helps motivate you to keep exercising and walking regularly, which will improve your health and fitness in the long run.

How do I use the app?

You can follow these steps:
Download the app from the App Store on your phone.
Open the app and give it the necessary permissions to track steps and notify you on your phone.
Once you enter the app, it will start tracking your steps automatically.
When you walk, the app will start accumulating Sweatcoins, which are points that are traded in the app.
You can use Sweatcoins to buy a few different things, like bus tickets or gifts.
To increase the value of your Sweatcoins, you can invite your friends to subscribe to the app to earn more Sweatcoins.
What are the features of the application?
The Sweatcoin Step Counter app has several features that make it useful to users, the most important of which can be mentioned: Step Tracking: The app tracks your steps throughout the day, and uses this data to run the Sweatcoin score algorithm.
Get Sweatcoins: The app starts collecting Sweatcoins automatically when you walk, and they can be used to buy many different things, like bus tickets or gifts.
Notifications: The app can send notifications to users to encourage them to stand up, move around, and walk more.
Goals: Users can set daily goals for the number of steps they need to achieve during the day.
Challenges: Users can compete with others to challenge the step counter and collect the most Sweatcoins.
The application can be considered effective in encouraging people to walk and increase their physical activity in general.

About the application

The size of the application is 66MB in the Google Play Store
The application has achieved 4.5 out of 1 million ratings
Update date 6/9/2023
Downloads 50,000,000
Developer Namesweatco Ltd