Gym Fitness & Workout Trainer

Gym Fitness & Workout Trainer

Gym Fitness & Workout Trainer

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Gym Fitness & Workout Trainer
54 MB
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Version 1.3.7
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An application that gives you a fitness coach with you on the mobile phone for free, which you can use in all tips and exercises. Gain muscle, endurance and extreme strength or get toned with the app with expertly designed sets, reps and weight! Our routines will adapt to your goal and available gym equipment to maximize results and help you push your limits.

App overview

The application is very valuable. It offers the best sports exercises that work to strengthen your body muscles and turn them into iron steel muscles. The application offers you the best exercises in the gym with the introduction of the training system. The application gives you a rich database of exercises and instructions: More than 500 exercises are categorized according to muscle groups, equipment or keywords for you. HD photos and videos and detailed instructions can help you fix your exercise form and avoid injuries. And the application will benefit you by all means, as it will not provide you with one or two benefits or a specific number, but rather that there are no limits to the numbers on your modifications, including modifying the current exercise procedures, creating your own routine, and adding new exercises to our database.

Application explanation

The app is the only app you need to create your own workouts, physical development and fitness development. The app is a personal trainer that will provide you with a set of tools and information that will help you achieve all your goals. An application through which you can practice exercises properly with the ability to record weight and reps for each group in a row, or record all groups with one click. We’ll save and track your data to show you your training results with intuitive stats and charts. Now, through the application, you can follow your progress, achieve your results, and advance your level step by step through the application.
The most important inquiries about the application
How do I track my workouts?
Keeping a workout journal is one of the simplest and most effective ways to keep track of how much weight you’ve lifted in previous workouts. This way you will know if you are getting stronger. “The body adapts to exercise quite easily, to whatever exercises we do consistently.
Is there an application to record sports exercises?
Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced lifter, Strong provides everything you need to log your workouts effortlessly and as quickly as possible. Unlike other fitness apps, Strong doesn’t bog you down with unnecessary distractions and tricks that you’ll never use.
How to make a record for the gym?
Here are some tips on how to start a fitness journal and keep up:
• Choose a journal that you will use.
• Start with your goals.
• Track your food and intake goals.
• Track how often you exercise.
• Write down your feelings.
• Make it visually appealing.
• Make it part of your schedule.

Application features

• More than 300 exercises with which you can perform very diverse actions in the gym, at home or on the street.
• Each exercise has its respective explanation, pictograms and explanatory video, so that you can correctly perform each exercise
• Challenge yourself with expertly designed routines
• Edit and renew routines anytime you want
• Create your own exercise routine without number limits
• 500+ exercises to keep your workout fresh and fun
• Try to achieve each of the proposed challenges with exercises such as:
• Regular exercise schedule to train properly
• Fix your own exercise model with detailed visual and verbatim instructions
• Track your progress with clear statistics and graphs
• Universal rest timer and flexible limit
• You don’t need a network to start your fitness journey
• Use at no cost
• The ketogenic diet.
• You can find all necessary information about sports supplements such as:
• Proteins
• Creatine
• both
• cried
• Natural Anabolics
• Thermogenics
• The application is suitable for those aged 3 years and over
• You can put ads on the part of the application developer

About the application

• The application version 1.3.7
• Date of update 20/06/2022
• Downloads 1,000,000 downloads
• The download size is  54 MB
• Required Android 4.2 or later versions
• Merchant name: GYM Fitness technology
• Date of issue 01/02/2017
• Evaluation of 4.4 out of 5.