Verdict MMA Picks & Scoring v1

Verdict MMA Picks & Scoring v1

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Verdict MMA Picks & Scoring
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Boxing is one of the most famous games and types of sports at all in the ancient and modern world as well, as it was considered a means of settling any disputes, solving problems, and working to satisfy the desire of viewers to excite and fight, and with the progress of time, this sport was organized and entered into international championships at all levels and weights, and with the abundance of these tournaments and the large number of their fans and fans, the demand for boxing betting increased, and these bets occupied a wide and very large popularity in all countries, and with the advent of the Internet, A new type is online boxing betting, which allows bettors to enjoy watching boxing matches and making various types of boxing bets simply through this application for Arab and international betting and betting on this interesting sport.

Application Explanation

Boxing is famous for being one of the ancient sports that contains a wide range of rules, events and events, which means a large number of bets that you can make, and one of the most famous types of bets in this game offered by this application is where you can bet on the victory of one of the players or their draw, and the tie bet is considered the most profitable, but it is not guaranteed at all and you can bet on more than one match, but the basic condition in it is the need for all players who You bet on them or you will lose the value of your bet and in return for that you will get a lot of points that make you in an advanced ranking than others there are people other than you who bet and vote on the character that they feel will win and if your prediction is correct you are given coins for your correct prediction and winning the bet And if you lose, your points will go to the person who made the correct prediction, and the referee will be the MMA platform for direct recording, and you can share the expectations of the fight with friends, and if you ever wonder who of your friends thinks that he will win the next battle, and how did your friends register you inside a fight, and how did the world record a fight, the referee brings this information at your fingertips with ease, in addition to that, you have to record your expectations for every event that takes place inside the fight, and whenever you get many battles correctly Whenever you rank higher in the leaderboard of the event and culminate in the ends, some gilding coins block you, the referee requires a Twitter account to authenticate for the possibility of expectations within the app.

Application Features

• Through the application you can predict the results of boxing matches with friends.
• You can share your expectations with friends.
• Gives you some gold coins when you give correct predictions.
• The size of the application is small and fits all devices and does not need a large storage space.
• It does not consume the resources and charge of the battery and does not affect its performance.
• The app is free to download within the Google Play Store.
• The application interface is easy and simple, free of complications and does not need to be explained.

About the application

You can download the app for Android from here, and you can download it for iPhones from here.

The application received a rating of 4.5 in the Google Play Store out of a total rating of 787 thousand.
The size of the application is 24 MB.
Downloads up to 50k and more.
The app was released in November 2011.