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Are you still limiting yourself to the social networking sites circulated on the Internet, Facebook, WhatsApp, and others, and spending hours and hours of your time with your phone screen, and you do not yet know the Reddit application? Now get to know us about everything related to this distinguished platform.

What is the application

One of the most popular social platforms in the world of the Internet to publish links, websites and images will help you deal with the platform from your phone.
The application is considered one of the social networking applications specialized in exchanging links, news and images, which represents a bridge of communication between communities and individuals and connects them with many ideas, the latest electronic trends and breaking news. The application helps others to discover their strengths and support societies to become more prosperous.
Browse the latest news and vote positively for the useful content because it is the useful content that will spread more and join the discussion with millions who always love to communicate on important topics and matters. The read comments feature will facilitate discussion, share photos and articles as well as your stories with millions of people around the world, and discover many communities The lively interaction of everything you can imagine like your favorite football team, social advice, economic and political news.
One of the most powerful social media platforms, as it ranks fifth in the most popular sites in the United States, and therefore there are millions of users on it who publish their photos and communicate with messages and other advantages and powers of well-known social networking sites, users can learn about the latest news through the application, it is characterized by ease of use To communicate with others, and the possibility of publishing your site as a promotion for free without paying anything
When you start any discussion or participation, you must have an application, as it is considered one of the best social networking applications that are very specialized in exchanging news, pictures and links, which is a bridge for communication between many communities and individuals and linking them all with many common ideas.
You can communicate with others through the application and also put forward your opinions through the different sites and provide everything that is good and useful, and the application is full of many interesting features, including the possibility of providing more than one account for one person on the same application.
The application shares photos and shares all your articles and stories with millions. Start discovering the world around you, where you will find many social tips in addition to political and social news, as it enables you to create an entire community.
The Reddit application is one of the applications that caused a sensation in the world of technology because it is the official application of the huge Form, which is one of the best and most important distinguished social websites because it gives its users the opportunity to give opinions, exchange ideas, and carry out some dialogues, in addition to exchanging photos, videos, pictures of animals, flowers and others.

Application features

Completely free social networking.
The ease of creating an account on the application and its use, in addition to that it allows the creation of more than one personal account.
This application does not require the necessity of registering with an effective email, but only the name and password is sufficient to register on the site.
Allows you to get a short link to the news that is published.
Posting with an unlimited number of publications, unlike Facebook, which temporarily blocks you when posting or commenting a lot.
Ease of adding friends, sending messages and translating them.

About the application

The size of the application is 61MB in the Google Play Store.
I got the app. 4.1
Update date 12/7/2022
android operating system
Downloads 100,000,000
Developer name: reddit Inc