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Are you tired of the many annoying calls and scams?
Do you want to protect your family and children from intruders? Many of us suffer from annoying calls by intruders, as well as marketers and promoters of services over the phone, but fortunately there are a lot of ways through which we can get rid of these.

What is the application

It is one of the electronic applications that were launched in 2016, specifically in the month of April, by the company Getverify, and with regard to the nature of the application, it enables the user to know the identity of the person calling, especially those numbers that are not registered on the phone, this is also the user can block all calls as well Messages from unwanted numbers.
Allows you to know the caller ID even if the phone number is not saved in your phone book, it filters unwanted calls and lets you communicate with only whom you want, activate the spam filter so that you are immediately notified when you receive an unwanted call and it is Providing you with real-time protection against robocalls, telemarketers, and fraudsters.
It is the best communication tool, helps you share photos, send messages, or make calls quickly, in what ways people can communicate with others? In the past, forms such as express mail were often used for convenience, but that is in the past.
At the present time, no one uses this method to communicate with others, the application contains a set of services related to communication on Android phones, as it works to detect the numbers that call you and know if the number is registered in your phone or not, as well as the presence of a service that enables you to block annoying calls And unwanted ones completely easily without having any problems, while providing a service that allows you to chat and communicate with your friends and family members completely free of charge and with high privacy, as well as the presence of other auxiliary tools that give you an unparalleled use experience, and it is worth noting that all the services it provides contain features and capabilities It is amazing, which made it very popular among Android phone users today.
It contains a very huge database that contains millions of numbers and names that it has. With the continued expansion of the database by the users of the application, it became possible to know the identity of any number that calls you on your Android phone, so you can quite easily know the names of the people who call you, even if they are not They are registered on the phone, so if you receive annoying calls on a daily basis and you want to know the identity of the caller or numbers that work to communicate with you on WhatsApp and you want to reveal their identity, it is currently one of the fiercest and strongest applications in Android phones in the field of detection and identification of the caller, as it competes with the Number and Phone Book application The giant Truecaller automatically displays a card that contains all the data of the number while receiving calls, so you have prior knowledge about the callers before answering them.
The application was developed with a system that contains a very huge database that includes millions of numbers that are saved continuously over the years. From 2016 to the present time, the application collects data on the numbers and stores them with their names in the database.
With the services of the basic services provided by the application in detecting the identity of the caller and blocking unwanted calls.
One of the things worth mentioning, which has gained wide popularity in the application, is the service that enables you to know your name registered on other people’s phones, where you can view all the names that were set for you while saving your number on other people’s phones. If you are curious to know what your name has been registered on your friends’ phones .

Application features

You can move between all sections of the application quite easily without any difficulties or complications.
Allows you to detect the identity of the caller in real time.
You can search for numbers and display information about them.
Helps you know your contacts on other people’s phones.
You can see the names your contacts are registered with.
Provides you with the ability to make voice calls.
Displays missed calls.
Works to block unwanted calls.
Helps prevent and block advertising calls from reaching you.
It allows you to chat and communicate with your friends and family members in complete safety.
It includes a very huge database containing millions of numbers.
You can send a report about any annoying number.

About the application

The size of the application is 45MB in the Google Play Store.
The app got 3.9 out of 2 million ratings.
Update date 2/2/2023
Downloads 100,000,000 downloads
Developer name Getverify LDA