Litstick – Best Stickers App

Litstick – Best Stickers App

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Litstick - Best Stickers App
121 MB
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version 1.7.3
4.9/5 - (154 votes)

With the frequent use of communications and social media, emojis and stickers have been designed and have become of great importance in our text messages and part of them. Reducing negative responses and helping to convey feelings depending on scenarios. Many stickers are used in WhatsApp to convey feelings that the user cannot describe through writing. It is a way to add fun in conversations and use them instead of the usual emoji. It is known that WhatsApp is one of The most popular social networking applications in the whole world and the most widespread, especially for people who prefer text chats, and many people use WhatsApp stickers to express their feelings that cannot be described in writing, and in this way it is possible to make chatting with people more fun by exchanging emojis in their various and beautiful forms in addition to stickers And you can create your own WhatsApp stickers and share them with your friends These stickers are used more among friends and relatives, and they usually symbolize special moments between them, as these WhatsApp stickers add an atmosphere full of fun and interaction within the conversations.

Application explanation

This application is one of the best applications for making posters, and through it you can convert any image into a poster, and you can also add any text in any language you want, and you have to download this application now in order to be able to create any poster that you want to obtain and anything that comes to your mind and add texts, images and symbols to it and so on. The application allows you to share your creativity on the applications of your favorite chats in social networks, and you can also create free and manual stickers with the help of a pencil-like tool, and you can write anything in your slang or other language as you like, and you can then convert it into a sticker using this application, and the application also allows you to create a sticker Special for birthdays and many other occasions such as love stickers and emoji. In this application, you can also cut any background or image very easily and turn it into a stunning and beautiful poster. This application also allows you to apply various effects that can be added to your poster to give it a more beautiful look. You can also combine Your poster with various other backgrounds, and you can save it in your own library for greater use. This application will also give you a realistic effect of the posters, and you will find it more like With real stickers by professionals, and you can make many stickers together through this application and add it in a package that contains 30 stickers and more diverse. The application has a variety of features for the ability to modify and create stickers, such as the Cutout feature, which allows users to select a specific part of the image and delete its background with ease .

Application features

• Inside the Google Play Store, you will find the application completely free, and you do not need to pay any money to download it.
• You can divide the stickers into groups within the application to easily choose the sticker you want from them.
• It gives you the ability to add all stickers to WhatsApp with the click of a button.
• The application contains a large number of different posters between Islamic, funny, movies and many others.
• Allows you to delete stickers from WhatsApp after adding them through the application settings.
• The application has an easy and simple user interface without facing any complications or problems in dealing with it.
• The application does not consume a lot of battery charge.
• Compatible with all types of smart phones.
• Supports many languages, including Arabic and English.
• The application is characterized by its small size and does not require a large amount of storage space on the phone.
• The application is constantly updated to get new stickers.

About the application

The application received a rating of 4.6 in the App Store, out of a total of 5 thousand reviews.
The application size is 121.3 MB.
The application was released in June 2021.