Fontmaker – Font Keyboard App

Fontmaker – Font Keyboard App

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Fontmaker - Font Keyboard App
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version 1.0.34
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Do you want to turn your ordinary message into a decorative painting? Are you a fan of decorating and coordinating fonts and always want to include stickers and emojis in your messages and chats with others?
We will present to you the best keyboard application of 2023, which is the Fontmaker-Font Keyboard App, a professional keyboard application.

What is the application?

It is the ultimate tool for creating cursive and handwritten fonts to personalize your messages. With the font maker, you can easily personalize your text with unique fonts that use your own handwriting to reflect your individual style using your cursive keyboard.
Stand out with your font keyboard and impress your friends on Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook and more! Express yourself like never before by adding a personal touch to your social media posts and messages Use your own handwriting or create custom fonts To make your content truly unique, create a cursive font in your own handwriting.
Manual keyboard app gives you an unforgettable experience to create and customize handwriting font with FontMaker keyboard app guide, imaging sending you messages in special font that you create in your own handwriting font, with Fontmaker keyboard guide app possible, manual Fontmaker app is to turn what you imagine into Indeed, this application is presented to help you use the Fontmaker application and get all the advantages and the best experience, to design a font in the Fontmaker application so that you can surprise your friends, by sending messages in customizing the font and handwriting, that is not all, there are a lot of features that you can use In font maker like creating stories using your own handwriting font, and many more.

How to use the application?

It is an application that provides you with a unique opportunity to turn every message you send into a work of art. This application offers more than 500 different fonts that you can use to create stylish and creative texts. With its help, you can create unique posts, stories and highlights on Instagram, get more likes on Facebook and surprise your friends on Snapchat with snapshots. Original
Fonts Art offers a wide range of fonts, including cursive, retro and gothic. These beautiful fonts are supported by all social media networks and instant messengers, including Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, iMessage, WhatsApp, Skype and more. Fonts Art keyboard makes typing easy – it will save you Automatic capitalization, double-clicking a space for separators, and Caps Lock will save you time.

What are the features of the application?

•A free application, and all font formats are free and available to everyone.
•The size of the application is light, does not constitute a burden on the mobile device, and does not lead to a large consumption of the device’s battery charge.
• The application contains a very large and diverse collection of stickers, emojis, and GIFs.
•This keyboard is compatible with various Android devices of various versions.
• Supports dozens of languages, including Arabic, English, Russian, Chinese, Armenian, Turkish, and many others.
•The size of the fonts is comfortable for the eyes while writing and reading, and the size of the panel keys is very suitable and clear for use and writing smoothly and at high speed.

About the application

The application has a rating of 3.9 in the Google Play Store out of a total of 49 thousand ratings.
The application size is 19 MB.
Downloads reach 1 million.