The most important features of Threads

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Threads Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Threads, launched the Threads application, which has been described as Twitter’s competitor, as the application recording saw more than 10 million people registered in its first few hours, as the Facebook founder aims to get a billion people, while Elon Musk claimed that he spreads false happiness like Instagram.


What is Threads?

Mark Zuckerberg, president of Meta, said that ten million users subscribed to the new Threads app in the first seven hours of the company’s launch. Zuckerberg promoted the app as a friendly competitor to Twitter, which was bought by Elon Musk. Experts say Threads could appeal to Twitter users unhappy with recent changes to the platform since Musk acquired it.


About Threads

Meta, owner of Facebook and Instagram, described the new app Threads as an initial release, with additional features planned for the future including the ability to interact with people on other social media apps such as Mastodon. The company said before launching the Threads app that our vision with Threads is to take the best of Instagram and expand it to a text app.


How does Threads work?

Using the Threads application, posts can be shared on the Instagram application and vice versa, and posts can also include links, photos and videos of up to five minutes. However, some early users reported problems when uploading images, hinting at problems occurring in the early days of anything new and new. Users see a feed of the posts, which Metathreads calls from the people they follow as well as recommended content:

  • Users can control who can tag them and categorize and filter responses to posts that contain specific words.
  • They can also unfollow, block, restrict, or report other profiles, and any accounts that users block on Instagram are automatically blocked in Threads.

While Meta confirms its new app’s link to Instagram, media coverage has focused on its similarity to Twitter, with some investors describing Threads as going to kill Twitter.


Download Threads for Android

The application is characterized by many new features that have won the admiration of millions of users around the world, and the application still offers many updates to keep pace with new developments, technology and modern technology, and through our distinguished site EgyUp, which is one of the most important technical news sites, you can download the application through the link listed at the end of the paragraph with the click of a button and without any fees, meaning you can download for free.


How to register an account on Threads 

Users can create an account in Threads using the same Instagram account data, including keeping the user’s name and “ID”, and the same accounts that the user follows on Instagram can be followed, and the Threads application allows users to share text posts up to a maximum of 500 characters, in addition to posting photos and videos with a length of up to 5 minutes.


What data does Threads collect?

Instagram collects information that users provide to the Company when they use or interact with Threads, including Threads profile information, threads activity, thread followers, and other links, information from third-party services and users, applications, browser, and device information. Meta says it uses the collected information for the purposes of providing, customizing and improving Threads and other Meta products, among other things, but it’s not clear whether Instagram will still be able to access and use Threads data even after the account is deactivated on Twitter competitor.


Download Threads apk and install it on Android

Many users are looking for downloading Threads apk, since the announcement of Meta Company, the owner of Mark Zuckerberg, a new application competing with Twitter and called the application Threads, and the word Threads in Arabic means threads. Threads runs on Android and iOS, and has achieved more than 10 million users in the number of registrants in its first hours of launch. In the interest of our site EgyUp, the largest site to provide technical news exclusively to provide the latest technology news and new applications, we will present to you the following steps to download Threads apk and install it on Android, in addition to the specifications of the Threads application – Twitter’s competitor.


 Features Threads 

  • One of the most important features of Threads – Threads is full support for the Arabic language on Android devices
  • Share content directly to Instagram Stories
  • Threads – Threads has the ability to connect to an Instagram account
  • Import profile picture
  • Contributes to enhanced discovery for other accounts and spread
  • Threads allows you to write posts up to 500 characters
  • Post photos and videos up to 5 minutes long
  • Automatically verify accounts with a blue tick if the account is verified on Instagram


Disadvantages of Threads

  • Threads – Threads does not support the Arabic interface of the application on the iPhone
  • No option to view topics only from accounts you follow
  •  Threads does not have private chats
  • Cannot be modified after publication
  • There are no ads in the app at the moment


Threads and Instagram

It should be noted that the Threads application is linked to the Instagram application, and when you download it, you must link your new account on the Threads application – Threads from the settings during the creation of the account, to your own account on Instagram. The app is currently available in 100 countries, excluding the European Union, due to some new laws warning and quality.



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