A special application that takes pictures of the intruder on your phone

A special application that takes pictures of the intruder on your phone

App Name
11 MB
Latest Version
version 1.2.4
5/5 - (20 votes)

The WTMP application is one of the modern developed applications in the field of maintaining privacy, protecting smartphones and giving them security, with the multiple and dangerous capabilities that this application contains that help users know who is trying to unlock the phone and spy on them. Showing the time in which it was used.

How the WTMP application works

Install the application on the mobile phone and after running it press the start button and then lock the device and try and unlock the phone by mistake and enter the password or run anything on the phone you will find the phone takes a picture with the commands you do or make a video recording and when you open the phone you will find the phone save the recording to show it to you.

WTMP Application Features

• The application is easy and simple to use and does not contain complications.
• Issues alerts and alerts when touching the phone and entering the wrong security code several times, even if it is in silent mode.
• Turns on the front camera and automatic photography when the phone is touched by strangers.
• Phone space You do not need a storage space from the phone.

Disadvantages of WTMP Application

• Displaying large and annoying ads.

About the application of WTMP

It has a rating of 4.7 on Google Play out of a total of 214 thousand reviews.
Its size is 3.5 MB.
Downloads reach 10 million.
It was released in May 2014.


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