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DreamApp: Journal & Dictionary App

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DreamApp: Journal & Dictionary App
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Do you have lucid dreams history The application helps you store your dreams and help you control your dreams, you can add any kind of thing or things that you saw in your dream, so this application can count the number of times you have seen each object.

What is the application

Lucid dreaming is simply realizing that you are dreaming The exciting part is that you can control the dream, it can be more pronounced than other ordinary dreams and you may think that it is more obvious than real life sometimes.
It is a learnable skill that can be refined and developed.
It is the perfect application to help you get a lucid dream, reality checks are one of the best ways to express a dream while dreaming as it is easy to adjust reality checks day and night.
There are realistic day to remind you to check if you dream during the day, you set anytime you want reminders to occur between, you can also choose the interval for reality check reminders, there are reality tests tonight to try to trick your mind into checking if you are dreaming and you are dreaming. Hearing the same tone in your sleep will increase the chances of checking if you are asleep in a dream.

Has the largest database in the world that provides unparalleled connectivity between dreams around the world Have an interesting dream last night? The application will automatically analyze your dream for common themes and show you similar dreams from all over the world.
You can keep your dreams secret by locking the page and you can easily insert new dreams from the main screen without the need for a pin, this is to make it easy to enter dreams but no one will be able to read the dreams you enter if you secure their security.

Application Features

Sync dreams across all your devices.
Set a reminder to write in your dream magazine.
It has an easy and simple interface to use.
Lightweight and works on all devices.

About the app

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