DiskDigger photo recovery

DiskDigger photo recovery

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DiskDigger photo recovery
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Version 1.0-2
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Discover a hidden world of deleted photos and videos with the magical Disk Digger app, as it takes you on a journey from questions to answers and from possibilities to reality.

What is the application?

It is a very useful application for those who suffer from losing important photos on their smartphones or computers. This application helps users recover deleted photos by quickly and deeply scanning the device storage.
One of the main reasons why users rely on an app like this is that it gives them the opportunity to recover photos that were accidentally deleted. Many people may make a mistake and accidentally delete their personal or important photos, and by using Disk Digger, an opportunity is provided to recover those photos simply and easily.
It works on multiple operating systems such as Android and Windows, which means users can recover photos from their smartphones as well as their PC. In addition, the application can scan photos from memory cards and external storage drives, which increases the chance of recovering photos even after the device is formatted.
The interface of the application is so user-friendly and friendly that even ordinary users will find it difficult to perform the recovery process. Users can adjust the search based on file type, such as photos or videos, thus saving time and effort in finding lost files.
Support for different files is also an important feature. It can recover common image files such as JPEG, PNG, GIF and also video files such as MP4, AVI and MKV. This comes as a great convenience to users who may have multiple types of files that they wish to recover.

What are the features of the application?

Recover Deleted Photos: Disk Digger allows you to recover photos that were deleted accidentally or due to phone malfunction.
Support various types of files: Besides photos, you can also recover video, audio and other documents.
Support for various file systems: No matter which file system is used on your phone (such as FAT, NTFS, HFS+, exFAT, etc.), Disk Digger can recover files easily.
Multiple recovery methods: The application provides different ways to recover photos including restore via root phone interface (or without) and restore via computer connection.
Preview photos before recovery: You can preview the potential photos for recovery and select the photos you want to recover before doing the final process.

How do I use the application?

Download and install the DiskDigger app from the App Store on your smartphone.
After installing the application, open it and choose the type of file you want to recover, in this case you will need to choose “Photos”.
Select the search location you want to recover photos from, such as you can choose the external memory card or the phone’s internal memory. Click on the “Recover” button and wait until the application detects the deleted photos.
Select the photos you want to recover, then click the “Recover” button again and wait for the restoration process to complete.

About the application

The application size is 4.5 MB.
The application received 3.6 out of a total of 482
Update date: 4/11/2023
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