Explain and download an application that knows you by touching your phone

Explain and download an application that knows you by touching your phone

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version 1.2.4
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When our privacy is always intrusive from others and holding the phone without permission and opening applications, we are looking for an application that protects the phone from intrusion, so the WTMP application
The best and easiest application to keep your phone.

WTMP app idea

Photographing those who try to unlock the phone and photograph them without noticing.
The application warns against theft by not touching your phone.
Secure your phone from the intruder with the anti-theft spring application.
When the alarm is activated, the thief cannot lower the alarm volume even if your phone is in silent mode.
It is classified to protect your phone from intrusion or theft by using your phone’s camera in order to take a picture of anyone who tries to unlock your phone. All you have to do is give the necessary permissions.
It will give you a report and pictures of everyone who tried to unlock the phone and will tell you when someone tries several times to enter the lock pattern for a few times in a row.

Wtmp app features

easy to use
It gives you an alert alert when you touch the phone and enter the lock code several times, even if it is silent.
The camera takes pictures of someone who touches the phone without permission.
Small area.

Disadvantages of Wtmp app

Lots of ads in large quantities.

About the Wtmp app

It has an area of 10 MB.
Used by 4.3 users
Issued 9/27/2021


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