App Name
2.5 Giga
Latest Version
4.4/5 - (87 votes)

It is an online multiplayer video game developed and published by Tencent Games. This game is one of the most famous and popular games in the survival game category and is available to play on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

what is the game?

The idea of the game revolves around players being thrown onto a deserted island where they compete in a fierce battle to survive. Players are dropped by parachute into a location of their choice, and must scavenge for weapons, equipment, and resources to survive. The playing area is gradually reduced over time, and players must stay within the safe circle and avoid restricted areas. Players who exceed the specified limits are eliminated, and play continues until only one player remains who wins the round.
PUBG Mobile is distinguished by its stunning graphics and quality design, as it exposes players to a vast world characterized by realistic details. There are many different weapons and vehicles that can be used in the game, increasing the variety of strategies and methods that players can use to win the battle.
In addition to the survival mode, the game also offers other game modes such as squad mode and zombie mode. In Squads mode, players are divided into teams and work together to win against other players’ teams. In Zombies mode, players unite together to confront hordes of zombies and survive.
PUBG Mobile is one of the modern generation games that combines excitement, suspense and challenge. Friends or random players can join the same game and compete together to win and show their skills in fighting and survival. PUBG Mobile has achieved great international fame and has become one of the most downloaded and played video games in the world. This game is considered a masterpiece in the world of survival games, as it combines strategic elements, fast-paced action, and team cooperation, making it a very fun and exciting gaming experience.

What are the features of the game?

• High-quality graphics and design: The game features realistic graphics and design that give players an amazing gaming experience. The entire world is displayed in realistic detail, including environments, buildings, trees, vehicles and weapons.
•Diverse weapons and equipment: There are many weapons and equipment that players can use in the game. You can find weapons such as rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, pistols, bombs, mines, armor, helmets, etc. You can equip yourself with the appropriate equipment for battle and use it strategically to win.
•Survival mode: Survival mode is the main mode in the game. Players must land at a specific location and scavenge for weapons, equipment, and resources to survive. You must stay within the safe zone and avoid restricted areas. You can use different strategies like hiding, attacking and moving fast to survive and win.
•Teams mode: You can play with your friends in teams mode, where players are divided into teams and cooperate together to win against other players’ teams. You can communicate with your team members and plan the appropriate strategy to win the battle.
•Zombie Mode: In Zombie Mode, players unite together to confront hordes of zombies and survive. You must work with your team to survive, eliminate zombies and attack strategically.
•Competitiveness and challenges: There are many competitive tournaments and challenges available in the game, where you can compete with other players to win prizes and rank higher on the list. You can improve your skills and strategies and challenge in exciting battles.

How do you use the game?

To try the game, download it from your mobile app store and log in or create a new account. Next, select the game mode you want to play in and go into battle. Use the on-screen control interface to move and aim, and use the buttons to switch weapons and use equipment. Communicate with your team and plan the appropriate strategy to win the battle.
Enjoy the game experience and challenge yourself and your friends to win and survive in the exciting world of PUBG.

About the game

The game received a rating of 4.4.
The number of downloads reaches more than 10,000,000.
Application size is 2.5GB.
Release date August 2019.
The producing company is Tencent Mobile International Limited.