App Name
2.5 Giga
Latest Version
4.9/5 - (29 votes)

This game has appeared recently. It is one of the games that has ignited social networking sites. This is because PUBG is a game in which we find adventures and battles that many people love. It has succeeded in being accepted by a large percentage of players around the world and is considered the best mobile game. It is considered one of the best mobile games. Which may enable you to restore the spirit of team play among players and fans of enthusiastic games in which there are adventures and conflicts, and you can download it on your mobile phone for free and it has become dedicated to computers, as it has recorded a great success rate and recorded the highest sales in the world of games as well, as it is one of the famous games that have become widespread in all countries. around the world in a very short period.

what is the game?

The PUBG game, also known as the Unknown Players Battlegrounds game, was released in 2017 in the month of March. Its first version was intended for computers, Windows operating systems, and Xbox One. Later, the new version was released for mobile phones, Android operating systems, and iOS. The game belongs to survival games where people try to… The player must preserve his life within the game until the end, by following a successful strategy in collecting weapons, ammunition and armor, and preserving himself by confronting other players and killing them all. The number of players in the game PUBG is 100 players who find themselves on a map, then each player searches for weapons and ammunition. Ambulance kits, adrenaline injections, and other game tools. The battle begins, in which the goal of each player is to kill all the players and remain alive until the end.
There are three maps in the game, from which the player chooses one of them to enter the battle. The three maps differ in size and nature. The basic map is the medium map and consists of two connected islands with forests, while the second map appears larger and has a desert nature, while the third map is the smallest in size and is a Three green islands connected to each other by bridges. There are a large number of different weapons available in the game, and each weapon has pros and cons. At the beginning of the game, you must obtain any weapon in order to protect yourself. The game contains many cars that you can drive to hide from enemies or go To far away places, the PUBG game is considered one of the most powerful phone games for Android or IOS and is witnessing a great demand from all players around the world on the planet, as the game is considered one of the most successful electronic games, and specializes in martial arts and attracts many people interested in playing phone games, It contains many techniques, playing styles, weapons, and changing ways of playing.

What are the features of the game?

• The game features a huge number of different devices and various cars that suit all tastes.
• It has a microphone for players to communicate with each other while playing.
• The game features high-quality graphics.
• It has great sound effects.

About the game

The game received a rating of 4.4 on the App Store out of a total of 5,000 ratings.
The game size is 2.5 GB.
The company that produces the game is Tencent Mobile International Limited.