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One of the new and exciting electronic games that has been released recently. This game is considered an improved and developed version of the famous “State of Survival” game. It was developed by the “KingsGroup Holdings” studio and is available to play on smartphone devices running the Android and iOS operating systems.

what is the game?

The story of the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where zombies are occupying the city and threatening to wipe out the human race. Players must survive and confront increasing waves of zombies and survival-based battles. Players must build a strong base, recruit soldiers and commanders, and improve their survival technology.
The game features high-quality 3D graphics and realistic details, making the game experience more exciting and realistic. The game contains a variety of quests and challenges that players must complete to obtain valuable rewards and resources. Players can also join alliances to cooperate with other players and fight side by side to defend their bases and achieve success.
In addition, the game allows players to customize their characters and develop their skills and strategies to win battles. The game features a simple and smooth control system that allows beginners to easily integrate into the game and enjoy it.
In short, NEW STATE Mobile is an exciting and fun experience for fans of survival and zombie games. The game offers high-quality graphics, multiple challenges, and a diverse gameplay experience. If you are a fan of exciting electronic games, then “NEW STATE Mobile” may be the perfect game for you.

What are the features of the game?

• Base Building: Players can build a strong base and safe areas to protect from zombies and other players. Players must collect resources, develop buildings and strengthen defenses to stay safe.
• Recruitment and Training: Players can recruit skilled soldiers and commanders and train them to increase their strength and skills. Players must choose appropriate units and develop combat strategies to defeat zombies and other players.
• Exploration and missions: Players can explore the open world and search for valuable resources and new missions. Missions can include fighting with zombies, collecting resources, rescuing survivors, and spying on enemies. Players can complete these missions to obtain rewards and advance in the game.
• Merge into alliances: Players can join alliances with other players to cooperate and compete in the game. Alliances can exchange resources, provide mutual aid and defend each other.
• Graphics and Sound: The game features high-quality 3D graphics and realistic sound effects, which enhance the gaming experience and make it more exciting.

How do you use the game?

Installing the game: After downloading the game, install it on your device by following the instructions that are displayed on the screen.
Create an account: After installing the game, create a new account or log in with your existing account (if you have played the game before).
Exploring the game: Once you log in, explore the game and discover its various features, such as building a base, collecting resources, recruiting soldiers, and completing quests.
Character Customization: Customize your main character according to your preferences, such as choosing outfit, appearance, and weapons.
Completing Quests and Challenges: Complete various quests and challenges offered by the game to earn rewards and advance levels.
PLAY WITH OTHERS: Join alliances or play with other players in multiplayer mode for a multiplayer experience.
Improve your abilities: Improve your character and base’s abilities by developing skills, upgrading buildings, and collecting resources.

About the game

The game received a rating of 3.7.
The number of downloads reaches more than 10,000,000.
Application size is 1.6GB.
Release date March 2022.
The producing company is KRAFTON Inc.