Learn about the interpretation of your dreams through interpretation experts

Learn about the interpretation of your dreams through interpretation experts

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DreamApp - Your Lucid Dream
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Are you looking for an app that helps you interpret your dreams? DreamApp you can learn about your dreams. You can recognize and interpret dreams now you can interpret dreams that come to you in a dream. The application is an explanation of a series of fantasies that a person has during sleep, and there are those who saw that it is a thinking activity that may occur as a result of a response to a stimulus or a specific impulse, but what everyone agrees on is that dreams in general come during sleep, and they are usually caused by events or situations that are not related and unclear, but they seem very clear during the dream, after the person wakes up from his sleep he remembers the dream.

Application idea

DreamApp helps a person interpret dreams, discover dream symbols and seek mental clarity. An app that is rooted in tradition and backed by science, we delve into your dreams so you can understand your subconscious mind. The app is a companion who listens in a friendly way, gives advice and connects the dots between your dreams and your life. The app helps to discover the hidden meanings of your dreams and is just the beginning. Do you find it difficult to feel confident in your decisions? Is it hard to find peace for yourself and your life? Your dreams may tell you how to face your biggest challenges. Be one with your thoughts and take a step towards overcoming anxiety and depression, gaining mental clarity, and releasing your past.

Application Features

• Through the application, you can easily inquire about your dreams.
• Chat with an expert: Connect with a true dream expert who will support you with a listening ear. Whether you’re about to go to bed, or wake up in the middle of the night with a nagging dream, the app is always ready, ready to respond in 5 minutes or less.
• The app preserves privacy: Your dreams are a precious part of your deep awareness and the application is very keen to keep your dreams completely private.
You can rest assured knowing that your deepest thoughts are safe.
• Login: Whether you change devices or want to log in to a new place, you will always have access to your personal expert.
• With the app’s secure login, it allows you to control and keep your data in sync across all your devices.
• Unique App Code Library: You can explore the app’s extensive library with many dream symbols to reveal messages from your mind.
• The application contains more than 800 handwritten symbols by a licensed traumatherapist and psychoanalyst.                                                                        • You can feel sure that the most accurate and scientific information is at your fingertips.
• You can discover symbols and their meaning: Uses the patented dream analysis sequence to find the basic elements and interpret the symbols of your dreams.
• Using its sophisticated machine learning algorithm, you’ll find personalized answers based on context and the latest research in psychology.
• Answers to your challenges in waking can be found through messages from your dreams.
By interpreting messages from your subconscious mind, you have a direct connection to the strongest facts about you and your life.
• You can work on achieving your dreams and it is the first step to making the improvements you were looking for.
• Dream Quiz App: With the app, you can identify the most important aspects of your dream and get answers instantly.
• You don’t need to dig further into the mountains of unimportant information, get the answers that interest you.                                                                            • You can discover your personal patterns: With the built-in dream book, you will discover emotional patterns and recurring challenges so you can build habits to succeed.
• The application is suitable for those aged 3 years and above
• Ads can be placed by the application developer.

About the app

[download] • Version 5.3.9
• Updated 3/12/2022
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• In-app purchase 40.99 EGP – 2.299.99 EGP per item
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• Issue Date 12/8/2020
• Rating 4.4 out of 5