An application that can decode 64-base texts

An application that can decode 64-base texts
Base64 Encoder Decoder

An application that can decode 64-base texts

App Name
Base64 Encoder Decoder
19 MB
Latest Version
version 1.0.3
2.9/5 - (20 votes)

The application decodes any symbols or texts in the basic 64 system. Using the application, you can decode any text or change in the free 64 system. Very simple and easy to use application. As any user can decode any text or encrypt any text consisting of 64 numbers, and this system is represented by 6 data. The encryption tool included in the application is easy to use and the best results can be obtained within a few seconds. The results can be downloaded or copied online. There are several steps to the correct way to use the program. Type a specific text or upload a specific file, then click on the Encrypt or Decrypt button. If you want to encrypt, click on the Encode button, and if you want to decrypt, click on the Decode button and you will get the fastest results in the least possible time.

Application Features

• You can download a file directly from your device in the shortest possible time
• By clicking on the Clear Text button, a new project can be started
• If you get the desired result, you can copy or download as desired
• The application is suitable for those who are 4 years old and above

About the application

• Merchant name Ahmed sattar
• Download size. 59.7 m. B
• Category. Services
• Required ios version 10.0 iPhone / iPad or later
• the language. English
• Price is free


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