BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live

BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live

App Name
BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live
67 MB
Latest Version
Version 5.43.1
4.1/5 - (12 votes)

This application comes with a new idea, which is to conduct a live broadcast over the Internet, where millions of people around the world can watch it with one click, which proved the worth of this application within the application market by presenting it with live video and audio broadcasts with followers from different parts of the world, where The number of its subscribers reached 50 million people.

What is this app?

Live video review
Many users use the application to share their special and happy moments with others and exchange parties with fans around the world, in the main interface there are a lot of live videos that different broadcasters create and broadcast.
When you register in the social network, the application will show you a group of distinguished advertisers to follow, and later it will show you direct videos popular among users and some videos from people near your geographical location to get to know them.
Live broadcast
You can open any live broadcast and watch the content easily. The avatar on the video in the interface does not always reflect the content of the video and can be changed by advertisers. The live broadcast will be loaded and displayed directly on the screen with a set of features displayed.
Followers can chat with the advertiser during the live broadcast, and the comments sent by the followers and answers appear directly on the screen, with the total number of viewers displayed at the top, and all previous information can be hidden and content with the broadcast is satisfied.
Multi-Guest Broadcasting
It is a special section in which a live broadcast is created that contains several users together, and these users can exchange audio and video chats or play a group of games within the application for more competition among you with the ability to be watched by others.
It is possible to create a group chat that contains 4, 6, or 9 seats, and after its creation, viewers are asked to join and accepted by advertisers until the number is complete. It is possible to create public parties with friends or private meetings and enjoy the most beautiful moments.
the games
There is a section for broadcasting games and displaying live videos for users who play the most popular games such as PUGB, Minecraft and many others. In the Games section, hot live videos, outstanding game broadcasters, and videos of each game are shown.
Videos of a specific game can be watched only in a special window, and videos of games can be broadcast over the phone or via the computer, with the ability to follow the broadcaster to receive new videos of his future for your favorite games always.
Search for a live broadcast
Search for a live broadcast according to your desire. You are away from the random videos that are displayed in the interface. From the search tab, you will be able to browse and watch the live broadcast according to the hashtag, or write in the search box and review the search results.
It is also possible to view live broadcasts from users who are in a specific country, where a large group of countries are displayed with the countries that contain the highest percentage of live broadcasts displayed, with countries divided according to the continent in which you are located to facilitate finding them.
Create your own live broadcast
You can also start a live broadcast and share your moments with others. Click on the camera button in the middle of the list, then choose the appropriate avatar for the broadcast from the gallery or from the camera, and write the title of the broadcast and the hashtag related to the topic of the broadcast as an optional procedure.
You can broadcast a single live video or create a multi-guest broadcast and wait for other users, you can also start an audio-only broadcast and exchange voice chat, in addition to starting a game broadcast by selecting a specific game on your device and sharing the gameplay to everyone.

What are the advantages of this application?

A great application for viewing a social network specialized in live broadcasting.
Easy to sign up over the phone or through your Facebook or Google accounts.
View live broadcasts frequently circulated among users.
Follow live video from people near your location.
•Chat with the owner of the live broadcast directly during the broadcast.
Follow the advertiser to receive new videos in the future.
The ability to hide a lot of information from the live broadcast.
Section for multicast, which includes several users together.
Watch live broadcasts of many of your favorite games.
•Search for a live broadcast by hashtag or by country.
Start a single, group, audio or game live broadcast with ease.

About the application

It has a rating of 4.3.
The application size is 67 MB.
Age rating +12.
Downloads reach 500 million.