Explain and download the copy and paste the sentences that you always use without leaving the text you type

Explain and download the copy and paste the sentences that you always use without leaving the text you type

App Name
Auto Paste Keyboard
11 MB
Latest Version
Version 2.0.6
3.3/5 - (27 votes)

If you find yourself struggling with typing similar text over and over again like email, address, phone number, greetings letters then…
A free custom keyboard app that helps users fill in template text directly in the keyboard without having to switch to another location to copy and paste
It is perfect to save your time

What is the application

You can copy and paste text between files even if you want to switch from one type of file to another. Add notes, mail and bank accounts for more to the application and use it quickly by switching to the application using the keyboard switch, copy and paste any text on the mobile screen into your clipboard. Templates that you may use frequently, when you need to fill in these sentences, just tap the globe icon to switch to this surprising automatic keyboard to fill it in easily and quickly.
Some people use this copy and paste keyboard app to spam friends for fun, while some people use it to speed up their typing work. The program helps you create automatic text and images for the template and add them directly in the message box, and it includes automatic pasting on the keyboard. Lets you fully customize your keyboard and phrases creatively. You have more than 100 unlimited fonts and auto phrases for a custom font keyboard. When it comes to sending the same text to many people or saving it for later use, the auto-paste keyboard will help you. Your device is a place to store copied or temporary data. This is when you need to use the automatic clipboard, which is a part of the RAM that is also used as a temporary storage by a few operating systems so that it can provide users with convenient short-term automatic storage and so that the automatic clipboard helps you move between programs applications quickly.
Free, fast and easy application to help you easily paste the previously saved text directly from the keyboard without having to switch to another place to copy and paste the same text. [download]

Application features

Paste and send text automatically
beautiful keyboard
Free, fast and easy sticky pad
Strong portfolio You can save time at work by using this powerful portfolio to be more productive.
Enable auto-paste mode and auto-send option for faster typing speed.
Work in any messaging applications and easy to use.
Very smart and easy to use keyboard.

About the application

Updated 08/18/2022
Downloads 100,000 downloads.
Android OS
Merchant name sociaaal LLc
The application size is 6.2m.
The app got 4.7


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