Auto Paste Keyboard

Auto Paste Keyboard

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Auto Paste Keyboard
5.7 MB
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Version 1.2.1
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It is a free custom keyboard app that helps users easily fill in template text directly from their keyboard without having to switch to another place to copy and paste.

What is the application?

Auto Paste Keyboard is perfect for you to save your time Just go to the main interface to set up several templates that you may use frequently when you need to fill in these sentences Just tap the globe icon to switch to this auto fast keyboard to fill them easily and quickly.
Some people use this copy and paste keyboard app to spam friends for fun while some people use it to speed up their typing work It is totally up to you how you use this keyboard Please help us share this app with others if you find that Application You can create templates or phrase like email reply, addresses used multiple times, game promo code, etc. Then use the Auto-Paste keyboard to paste them into any application with just a click.
You can also enjoy troll and prank your friends with Paste Keyboard by using this fast keyboard auto paste mode is fun and useful.
•  The Auto Paste Keyboard application gives users a unique specialized keyboard that can be used at any time to write text directly in websites This function is available 24/7 In addition, the program allows you to customize some secret papers and make them ready for immediate use whenever the occasion calls for it. The software consistently leaves a distinct impression and provides users with increased assistance while editing papers.

What are the features of the application?

•  Easy to add without limits.
•  Work in any messaging apps and easy to use.
•  One click to send, works with some applications such as. Snapchat…
•  Quick and easy keyboard setup.
•  It’s free and you don’t need to pay anything.
•  Dark Mode.

How do you use the app?

•  Once installed, open the program and sign in with your Google account.
•  In the search bar of the program, search for Auto Paste Keyboard in the built-in Play Store, on the Auto Paste Keyboard application page, click the Install button.
•  Once Auto Paste Keyboard is installed click on the “All apps” button to access all your apps on the emulator.
•  You will then see the Auto Paste Keyboard app. Tap to launch the app. With this method you can now enjoy your favorite utilities application on your Windows PC. Windows

About the application

•  The application got a rating of 4.7 in the Google Play Store.
•  The number of application downloads reaches more than 500,000.
•  The size of the application is 5.8 MB.
•  The application was released in June 2021.
•  Pro App Company.