EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer

EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer

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EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer
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version 21.0.05
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Download the new FC 2024 game for mobile, known as VC, developed by EA. Download it now for free with ease.

A glimpse of FC Mobile 2024

FIFA 2024 Mobile offers the latest football gaming experience that will make you feel a very enjoyable gaming experience. EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer is designed with high-resolution 3D graphics that look great on both smartphones and tablets. Player and pitch models have been greatly improved, and movements look smoother and more realistic than ever.

Playing in a game FC 24

Like Dream League 2024, EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer gameplay is optimized to be more realistic than ever. Ball physics are improved, and player movement feels smoother and more realistic. The artificial intelligence for players has also been improved, making the game more difficult and challenging.

Game modes within FC Mobile 2024

EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer offers a variety of game modes, including:

Friendly Matches: You can play a friendly match against any team in the game.
Tournaments: You can participate in different tournaments, including the World Cup and the Champions League.
Manager Mode: You can build your own team and manage its financial and tactical affairs.
Skills Mode: You can test your skills in different challenges.
Events: You can participate in special events that are held periodically.

Teams and players in FC24

EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer features over 650 teams and 15,000 real players from around the world. You can choose from major teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United, or you can choose a smaller team from the top flight. EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer contains several in-game items that you can purchase using coins or cash. These items include:

Players: You can buy new players for your team.
Coaches: You can purchase new coaches for your team.
Cosmetic Items: You can purchase cosmetic items for your team, such as new jerseys and new logos.

Financial system in FC 2024

FIFA 2024 uses a dual financial system consisting of coins and cash. You can earn coins by playing, and you can purchase coins using real money.

Positive points

Great graphics

Realistic gameplay
A variety of game modes
Real teams and stars
Continuous updates
Negative points

The game may be difficult for new players
The game requires an internet connection
Some in-game items may be expensive

Download the game FC Mobile 2024

You can now download the FC FIFA Mobile 2024 game on your phone for free through our website. An original, updated version of the game contains the latest teams, all players and leagues. This version of the FIFA FC 24 game is exclusive to the Lulu Apps website.