EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer

EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer

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EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer
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version 21.0.05
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The football player is beloved by the fans, as there are a large number of fans of this sport who want to play it at any time and place, as this has become possible thanks to technological and technical progress. In recent years, football games have made great progress on mobile phones, thanks to their wide spread and the processing power that is increasing in Every year, this makes game development companies eager to develop this type of competitive games on this mobile platform in which millions of players around the world gather to become among the best virtual football players, and every football game released on mobile phones has its own audience, Some of them prefer to pay great attention to the graphics and the appearance of the players and fans on the field, others focus on the method of playing, and others prefer to pay attention to the tactics and skills that are managed on the field.

what is the game ?

The EA FC 24 PSP game is one of the most desired games in the world of football, and this game has many new features that make it worth trying. The game is characterized by improved graphics quality, which adds greater realism to the game and enhances the players’ experience. The details of the players, the stadiums, and the geometric shapes of the objects have been improved. Which creates realistic scenes that make players feel as if they are participating in real matches. The PlayStyles system works to improve the statistics of each player with special skills related to the abilities of their counterparts in real life. So, for example, Lionel Messi will enjoy the style of playing, technical control of the ball, which is what the famous Argentine player is famous for, while boasting German player Lena Oberdorf has the Bruiser feature, which means that she can easily keep players off the ball and win possession using her physical presence. There are also the skills of increasing speed and shooting the ball in a controlled time, as well as increasing shooting power. All of these are skills that give players in their positions taken from reality, and most importantly, the presence of an element. The logic and realism in granting these advantages to players, and players often have many playing styles, but only world-class players also have PlayStyle, which is a strong distinctive movement that differs from one player to another according to his ability also on the ground. All of this adds diversity to matches and makes you think a lot. In how to benefit from specific players, and among the wonderful features in the game is the improvement of artificial intelligence, as the artificial intelligence system in the game was developed so that players interact better with the realism and different tactics of the teams, and the virtual players have more intelligent capabilities and understanding of the players’ movements and the coach’s directives, and players can buy players. Their favorites by obtaining virtual currency points in the game or purchasing them through the internal application. These points can be used to purchase players through in-game purchases or used in auctions to win rare and powerful players.

What are the features of the game?

* Improved, realistic graphics that add detail to scenes and players.
* Improved control makes the game smoother and more responsive.
* Adding more teams and players including women’s teams.
* A new mode that allows players to build and manage their own team
Improvements in gameplay and artificial intelligence of opponents.
* Simple additions that make the experience more enjoyable.
•Easy gameplay that gives the player more control than any previous part.
* PlayStyles features and features are what the series has needed for a long time.
* Realism is considered the best so far compared to other football games.

About the game

Rated 4.5 out of 5
Game size is 213 MB
The price is free
Age rating +9