Pluto TV – Live TV and Movies

Pluto TV – Live TV and Movies

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Pluto TV - Live TV and Movies
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version 5.23.0
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Many people want to watch their favorite movies and TV shows on TV channels, but the right time and place may not be available. Today, everyone can watch their favorite TV shows at any time and anywhere on the phone.

What is the application

It is an application for watching TV channels that works on smart phones and tablets with the Android system. The application provides a distinguished and exclusive group of TV channels that display films, series and television programs of various types and classifications (such as sports, games, crimes, poker, documentaries, news, adventures, etc.). To continuously update the content to add all new.
Do not get busy thinking about what you will watch today when it gives you the right choices for the day. This application provides users with a series of famous TV series from many countries. It is one of the most popular entertainment applications among users because it provides you with a library of thousands of unique programs with a variety of genres. You can Experience the most famous TV series from all countries, especially Spain in particular, you can choose funny programs or interesting animations updated expressly for children to experience.
It is a unique application through which you can browse your channel on your mobile device that runs on a system with the option of forwarding and rewinding, and you can save the show and access the programs recorded on a specific channel directly, you can enjoy all kinds of TV programs such as music, movies, theater, drama, fashion, news and many other programs, it works Completely without interruption or interruption, due to what you receive from IPTV servers and very powerful servers that broadcast broadcasts throughout the day without stopping. It has many advantages that enable it to be one of the best applications for live TV broadcasting.
The interface of the application is very easy to use and allows you to do everything from one window, browse the different channels and see what they have to offer.

Application features

In order to always know what you will watch, the content of the application comes directly from YouTube, there will be no break except for a moment when the show ends and begins with the other, unlike the desktop and the Internet.
invites you to watch more than 250 channels around the world without any conditions or restrictions on you, and the application displays all these channels directly to you instead of turning on your TV.
The application is characterized by a modern design, easy to use and very simple.
It also supports the timeshift feature and the catch feature.
It also includes a special section for the match schedule list.
The application has a powerful search engine that gives immediate and very fast results.
He has a great quality.
It contains a full package of OSN channels.
All famous Netflix channels.
Play all video quality from SD-HD-4K.
Categorizing and sorting channels into groups or categories according to the user’s desire and many advanced settings.

About the application

The app has a rating of 4.4
Developer name: pluto, Inc
Downloads 1k
Version 5.6.0
Last update 2/22/2022