An application that helps you predict the shape of your child with artificial intelligence by merging your image and the image of your wife

An application that helps you predict the shape of your child with artificial intelligence by merging your image and the image of your wife

App Name
BabyLab - Baby Maker Generator
57.2 MB
Latest Version
Version 1.1.6
4.9/5 - (5350 votes)

The smart phone industry, as well as its programs and applications, has evolved until it has become an integral part of everyone’s life and has become highly dependent on it in various areas of life, such as alert applications, notes, or others, in addition to using entertainment and entertainment programs to play and participate in competitions. It should be noted that smart phone applications have made Everything is available just a click away and one of the biggest questions any couple asks before their baby is born is what will it look like or if it will look like the father or the mother and although the technology has developed in giant strides and we can almost see it thanks to 4D and 5D ultrasound, there is an application He takes another step to show us how it will be even before birth, and each of us likes to see what your future child looks like when he grows up out of eagerness to see him. On a daily basis, and some programs and applications have helped mothers in forming an imaginary image of the future child by placing a picture of the mother and another of the father, and calculating the results through which it can be shown I see the image of the child in the future, but the shape of the child cannot be determined that easily, as it is a matter that depends on very important scientific foundations and principles and is closely related to genetics.

Application explanation

One of the best applications available for guessing. This application works through many distinct techniques. It integrates your image and the image of your wife. It works through this technology, which is called artificial intelligence. It analyzes facial features and predicts the face of your future child. The applications are very diverse today. This application is very special and will give you similar results. Close to the shape of your future child, the results of this application are for entertainment purposes and you cannot take it seriously because it is natural that it does not give you anything like this to be real, but it expects and analyzes the facial details of the mother and father and shows them the shape of their child in the future and it is the ideal application for you to use this application The latest technology with artificial intelligence that allows parents to adapt facial features through advanced algorithms and once the analysis is done it will give you many options with faces that are similar to your child’s potential face and once you upload the image it will determine the skin color that the application thinks your child should have and you decide on details such as gender or Age and it will help you to discover the future face of your child and it works with facial recognition technology using parents photos quickly and easily It is very funny and Interesting. [download]

Application features

• The application is completely free and does not need to pay any money to download it.
• Helps you discover the future face of your child.
• It has an easy to use interface without any complications.
• Does not need the Internet to run it.
• Compatible with all types of smart phones.
• It does not consume much battery charge.
• Supports many languages, including Arabic and English.
• It is being developed continuously.
• This application uses the latest technology with artificial intelligence to learn how your child will look like in the future.
• It is characterized by its small size and does not require a large amount of storage space.
About the application
Hali got a rating of 4.5 in the App Store, out of a total of 7.6 thousand reviews.
Its size is 57.2 MB.
Its production company is Sociaaal LLC.


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