Explain and download an application that turns your Android device and phone into the new iPhone 14 shape

Explain and download an application that turns your Android device and phone into the new iPhone 14 shape

Explain and download an application that turns your Android device and phone into the new iPhone 14 shape

App Name
dynamic island
6 MB
Latest Version
version 1.2.6
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If you are interested in the new style that Apple introduced and want to try it on your Android phone, do not worry because technology has not left a problem but provided a solution to it, and therefore you can get an application according to Apple’s new announcement, the dynamic island style enables you to control all notifications, and customize them in addition to controlling With music and set animated effects on the iphone14 lock screen.

Description of the application

The application contains a very wide range of great features to customize the appearance of your phone. It also has a very easy and simple interface to use that makes the user listen while using this application. If you are looking for a better experience, you can download the application to take advantage of all the features and features for free. The Dynamic island feature is one of the most prominent features The new iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, as it relies on the new design of the front in both phones, where Apple finally replaced the notch that it presented for the first time in the iPhone X with a hole inside the screen itself in the form of a pill, which is the hole in which the front camera and sensors for the face print can be integrated. Take advantage of the new feature through this Android application to interact with notifications or events directly, so that Apple takes advantage of the hole inside the screen to display media playback controls when listening to an audio clip, as well as displaying the charging status when the charger is connected, discovering AirPods, or displaying the number of minutes of a call made by the user and others with the possibility of external applications exploiting the space or feature to display information such as the results of sports matches And it allows you to customize the opening of the front camera in your device and you can choose the width and height based on the location of the camera and notifications will appear from the notch to the rest of the screen and you can also test the movement of the application to see that everything is working correctly.

What is the application

It is a new feature that was included in the iPhone 14 Pro phones, and the name Dynamic Island was called on it. This feature allows users of iPhone phones, the latest version 14, to control all notifications and alerts running on the phone, whether they are music, notifications, or even applications such as maps via the notch, which is a very smart feature It helps to take advantage of this area. It allows you to manage all the alerts on the lock screen of the iPhone 14 in addition to the ability to select the animated effects through it and control the music, and it also allows you some other features such as pairing headphones with Bluetooth, connecting to the charger, and you must do the following procedures in order to enable The dynamic island effects function on the Android phone.
The application provides you with the ability to simply add a new feature to your Android phone, and you can even modify the size and position of the feature on your phone screen and move it as you wish without any problems
It helps you multitask for individual notifications and manage music.
The application will allow you to adjust the position and size of the notch according to the specific parts of the phone and it will be managed in the same way.
Allows you to change the size of the bump on the front screen of the phone, which includes the front camera of the phone, and gives the user the ability to show data and interactive information through the black bump at the top of the front screen of the phone. In the process, it is possible to customize the settings of the application by changing the interaction settings and choosing the time and location of the disappearance of the application icon.
The application can be used alongside almost any other application on Android devices, including chat and music applications.
Modifies the look of system notifications and turns it into a hole in the front camera, and all notifications appear in the same design as the iPhone 14pro, and when you press it for a long time, the notifications will be fully enlarged and opened, and if it is a music notification, you can control who you listen to, and change the song, but there are some points that We want to talk about her about animation and how it’s handled.

Application Features

• The application for Android and iPhone supports many languages, including Arabic.
• Supports various music applications.
• You can through the application for Android and iPhone the latest version to add and customize interaction.
• The application allows you to create shortcuts to your favorite applications.
• Supports all Android devices, whether weak resources and capabilities, or even strong resources and capabilities.
• The application is completely free of any annoying ads.
• The application is characterized by its small size, as it does not require a large storage space.
• You can view the battery percentage.
You do not need root in order to run the application.
• It has a very easy and simple user interface.
• The application does not consume the battery significantly.

About the application

And you can download the application for your device from here.
The app has a rating of 3.0 .
Update date 29.9.2022
Downloads 1,000,000
Company name Jawomo


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