Dragon City Mobile

Dragon City Mobile

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Dragon City Mobile
139 MB
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Version 23.6.2
3.3/5 - (3 votes)

A social simulation game in which you have to create a magical city where all your dragons can live comfortably and sweetly. You have to allocate a place for them to sleep, to eat, to have fun and everything they need to be happy.

what is the game?

•  Dragon City Mobile is a simulation game developed by Socialpoint… BlueStacks App Player is back the best platform to play this Android game on PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience.
•  Players can find training and control more than 100 different dragons. In addition, as the game is updated every week, the number of available dragons increases, but you have to get a city that is beautiful enough to attract dragons.
•  The main objective of Dragon City Mobile is to train your dragons to be able to fight against other players online so by combining ten different classes of dragons you can try to beat other players in the game. Dragon City mobile universe
•  Dragon City Mobile is an entertaining social game that kids will love thanks to its youthful theme, although players who are a little older might find it entertaining too. In any case, this is a very well polished game.

What are the features of the game?

•  3D graphics.
•  More than 1000 different types of dragons that you can get.
•  Decorate your dragon and control its color.
•  Great adventure in dragon quests, play against Dragon Master and engage in battles against other players online. PvP Arenas
•  Nice prizes and competitions to get unique dragons.
•  Experience the amazing skills and abilities of the dragons found in the Tree of Life.
•  Upgrade your dragons to raise their charges in battle.
•  Join an alliance or clan, participate in Alliance Gift Events, and get an Alliance. Chests
•  Supports all major operating systems (computers/laptops/mobile/tablets/internet browsers).

How do you use the game?

•  Build a fantasy city to train your dragons and invite your friends to visit.
•  Fight against friends and strangers in online tournaments and leagues.
•  Log in with your social networks to help your friends and give them gifts.
•  Complete the Dragon Book! There are over 1,000 awesome dragons to breed and collect to make your dragon city grow!
•  Venture into Dragon Quests and play against other Dragon Lords in the game to collect one-of-a-kind Dragons, claim Warrior Chests, and climb the leaderboards.
•  Summon dragons from the magical realm in the Tree of Life and try their skills.
•  Collect orbs and empower your dragons: You will see how their power in battle grows.
•  Unlock advanced game features such as the Ancient World and Dragon Guardian.
Be Social: Join alliances to play and battle with other Dragon Masters, chat with them, trade orbs in the trading hub, take part in gift events
•  Alliance and open the chests of the alliance.
•  Sign in with Windows to save the game and play on all your devices – this way you can take your baby dragons everywhere.

About the game

•  The application got a rating of 4.6 in the Google Play Store.
•  The number of application downloads reaches more than 100,000,000.
•  The size of the application is 139MB.
•  The application was released in July 2013.
•  The production company Social Point.