Dragon City Mobile

Dragon City Mobile

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Dragon City Mobile
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Version 23.6.2
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A social simulation game in which you have to create a magical city where all your dragons can live comfortably and sweetly. You must allocate a place for them to sleep, to eat, to be entertained, and everything they need to be happy.
Players can find, train, and control over a hundred different dragons. In addition, as the game is updated every week, the number of available dragons increases. However, you need to have a city beautiful enough to attract dragons.
The main objective of Dragon City Mobile is to train your dragons to be able to battle against other online players.
Then, by combining ten different types of dragons, you can try to beat other players in the Dragon City Mobile universe.

What is this game?

Dragon City Mobile is a fun social game that kids will love thanks to its youthful theme, although players who are a little older might find it entertaining too. In any case, this is a very well polished game.
Dragon City Mobile is a simulation game developed by Socialpoint… The BlueStacks App Player is the best platform to play this Android game on PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience.
Dragon City Mobile on PC is a simulation game where you go to an island and collect cute fire-breathing dragons! It’s fun, exciting and adventurous! Prove that you are the best dragon expert in the world.
This online game is developed by Socialpoint and can be played on Android and iOS devices. Download Dragon City Mobile and immerse yourself in this fun-filled adventure!
Do you have what it takes to collect and breed lots of beautiful dragons on this Dragon Island? Master this dragon game and become the best dragon master in the world. Train your cute dragon as you like and grow your collection steadily.
Build your dragon city on floating islands and take over the world, fill your city with farms, buildings and of course with tons of dragons! These little dragons are looking for you, treat them well and feed them with your farm produce.
Do everything you can to help your cute little dragons evolve into amazing monsters and expand your collection. Now you can use your dragons to fight in PvP arenas.
You can choose to join other dragon monsters around the world in the game. Do this by joining an alliance and interacting and chatting with them. Participate in events, trade orbs, and unlock many special rewards.
Combine and breed dragons of different natures, fire, pure elements and many other elements to create unique hybrids! You can also obtain dragons from in-game events and expand your Dragon City Mobile collection.
In the game Dragon City, you can introduce two types of dragons into a common barn in order to mate, and then you will get a new type of dragon, there are more than 150 varieties that you can make in this way, which makes the city of dragons closer to it than a farm of dragons.
You’ll enjoy getting dragons of all kinds, colorful, cute, and ferocious with every egg you hatch, though this fun may not last more than a few hours.
The game gets off to a good start. The missions provided in Dragon City help you understand the basics of the game, understanding the abode of dragons, buying and hatching dragon eggs, the missions help you on how to make your dragons big and mature, and how to mate dragons too, but you won’t get any impression of the usefulness of this thing until you reach the tenth level. Breeding and strengthening dragons will help you create fights between players using your dragons.
With the lack of a story and the reason why dragons mate on floating islands, what makes the Dragon City game great is knowing what you can make of different types of dragons through mating. For example, if we mate a water dragon with a fiery dragon, what will we get? Then you can have fun with friends by showing off your awesome farm and dragons.
You can also visit the farms of friends who, in turn, have downloaded the Dragon City game, but there is no character that you can do for your friends to see. All you do is collect some money that appears above your friends’ dragons, but there is something additional that you can do, which is what It’s called training camp, in this camp you can enter a number of your friends to get special types of dragons.

What are the advantages of this game?

•Automate the predictable in Dragon City Mobile and transform gameplay with crafting modules Get access to innovative crafting modules in the BlueStacks Makuru community.
Play Dragon City Mobile in one window and chat with your friend on the other. Press CTRL + 8 + Shift to open the multi-state manager, and start creating new states or cloning an existing one.
Play Dragon city Mobile with the power of sync Multi-instance You can sync, repeat what you do on the main instance in all other instances, level up faster, and play more.
Script your gaming glory in Dragon City Mobile with BlueStacks Script Write and run a set of commands to automate repetitive tasks Run a command by assigning it to any key.

About the game

It has a rating of 4.6.
The size of the game is 139 MB.
Age rating +7.
Worldwide downloads reach 100 million.