An application that draws any sentence you tell him

An application that draws any sentence you tell him

App Name
Wonder - AI Art Generator
183 MB
Latest Version
version 1.7.3
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version 1.7.3
4.6/5 - (134 votes)

After artificial intelligence broke into various fields of science, it is now knocking on the door of art, a field that has remained to this day a fortress for the creations of the human mind alone, and this is what many believe. So works of art appeared that are said to have been produced by artificial intelligence, but in fact it was very far from it, but we found it in other things that are very interesting and distinctive as well, as through it another different aspect was developed in the field of art of its own and entered into it in a distinctive way, and perhaps we recently heard about DALL-E technology, which is a special model for machine learning to create digital images from language descriptions, and this technology has recently made many noises around it, there is something similar. You can download it to your Android phone and it is this great app and it is also an artificial intelligence art creator, it can create truly unique images for you.

Application Explanation

The application is one of the applications available for Android phones, and it uses artificial intelligence to create wonderful works of art and contains an easy and simple interface to use, which makes it ideal for anyone interested in creating art, with the help of artificial intelligence, the application can create realistic images of people, landscapes, animals and many others, the application is also able to create abstract images and patterns, in addition to that it offers a lot of built-in templates that help you create a work of art with ease and speed There will be Very little input from you and anyone who appreciates art will definitely find the app worthwhile because it’s a great tool for those who want to create artwork but don’t have the time or skill to do it and the app is also great for people looking for inspiration And that by playing with the application may help him in creating new ideas for their artistic work and most of all you can use this application without spending money even when you want advanced premium features to increase it is still affordable and this ensures that the application is accessible to all art lovers and using this application users can also turn the lyrics into a great work of art This is a great way to display your favorite song or artist and to do this you just have to type the name of the song Or the artist when asked to do so and the application will create an image based on the lyrics of the chosen song and if you are not satisfied with the results you can always try a different model or pattern and if you are not sure what to write in the claim you can describe your feeling or mood that you want to convey through this artwork and the application will then create a word cloud This word cloud can be used as the basis for your artwork and once you are done you can share Your artwork with the world.

Application Features

• The application can draw lyrics in a wonderful painting.
• Allows you when you get your painting to share it with friends on social networking sites.
• You can choose between a range of familiar styles.
• You can create wonderful lock screen wallpapers.
• The app is completely free to download.

About the application

[download] The application received a rating of 3.8 in the Google Play Store out of a total rating of 49 thousand.
The size of the application is 63 MB.
Downloads up to 1 million.
The app was released in May 2022.