An application that draws any sentence in your imagination with artificial intelligence

An application that draws any sentence in your imagination with artificial intelligence

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Wonder - AI Art Generator
183 MB
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version 1.7.3
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version 1.7.3
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After the intervention of artificial intelligence in the different fields of science, he then went to knock on the door of art. This field that has remained to this day a fortress for the creations of the human mind without the interference of anything else and this is what many believe And then we started to show works of art that are said to have been produced by artificial intelligence but in fact it was very far from it but we found it in other things that are very fun and special also in the field of art that put another different side of it and are more an addition It is also wonderful, so we recently found a new technology known as DALL-E, which is a special model for machine learning to create digital images from language descriptions in a very distinctive way, and this technology has recently highlighted a lot of noise around it, and then we found something similar that you can download to your Android phone, which is this application that was created for an artistic purpose through artificial intelligence, where it can create really unique and wonderful images with ease and simplicity.

Application Explanation

This application is used in its work and depends entirely on artificial intelligence techniques in creating wonderful works of art and contains many wonderful features, including its user interface is easy and simple to use, which makes it ideal for anyone interested in creating art with the help of artificial intelligence as it can create realistic images of people, landscapes, animals and many others, the application is also able to create abstract images and patterns by following certain simple steps, in addition to that it offers a lot of built-in templates that It helps you create a work of art and anyone who appreciates and loves art will find the app really worthwhile because it’s a great tool for those people who want to create works of art but don’t have enough skill to do it and not enough time either.

The application is also great for people who are looking for inspiration The application may help him to create new ideas for their artistic works and after using the application users can also convert the lyrics of their favorite songs into a wonderful work of art This is a great way to display your favorite song or artist in another and new way and to do this you only have to write the name of the artist or the name of the song when he needs you to do so and he will then create an image based on the lyrics of the chosen song and in case you are not satisfied with Results You can try another model or a different pattern and if you are not sure what to write in the prompt, you can describe your feeling or mood that you want to convey through this artwork and the application will then create a word list These words can be used as the basis for your artwork and once you are done you can share your artwork with the world.

Application Features

• The application allows you to share your artwork on various social networking sites with friends.
• Depends in his work on artificial intelligence technologies.
• The app is free to download in the Google Play Store.
• Through the application, you can draw any lyrics to songs.
• Wonderful phone lock screen wallpapers are created.

About the application

[download] The application received a rating of 3.8 in the Google Play Store out of a total rating of 49 thousand.
The size of the application is 63 MB.
Downloads up to 1 million.
The app was released in May 2022.