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S.M.T.H.is the short name for the game Send Me to Heaven that you can download on Android devices, and it is available for free in the Google Play Store S.M.T.H. challenges players to throw their mobile phones as high as possible and uses the device’s sensors to record the height of the throw. The results are published on the leaderboard and users can challenge their friends to beat their score. Not available in the Apple App Store, where it has been blocked to encourage behavior that may damage the user’s device. SMTH is a strange game for smartphones and the goal is to throw your Android phone as high in the air as possible. Without breaking the way down, of course the game stores the best weekly scores in the ranking table. Thanks to this feature, you can compete against other players from all over the world to see who is the most daring or rather the least afraid of killing their smartphones. It’s a very special game that’s sure to give you a good time. Of course, be very careful when playing, as you may end up with a broken phone or even an injury.


What is S.M.T.H. Game?

S.M.T.H. is a really interesting and fun game that is a strong competition between a group of players in competing for the highest throw of a phone in the air and achieving the largest number compared to each other. If you want an exciting and somewhat fun game, the game is one of the best suspense games, S.M.T.H. is a game available for Android devices developed by Carrot Pop that measures the vertical distance at which the mobile phone is thrown. Players compete against each other by seeking to throw their phones higher than others, and often experience losing their phones due to wrong falls that lead to hardware damage and loss of their phones. The game was immediately blocked from the App Store but is still available from Google Play, where it maintains the number of followers. S.M.T.H. is a sports game. The player throws his phone as high as possible. The higher the distance, the better. The phone records the height and carries the score to the leaderboards. The world’s top 10, top 10 weeks, top 10 days, top 10 national locals and Facebook friends lists are available. The results achieved by players are collected to verify the highest numbers and it is from here that the power of rivalry arises.


What are the features of the game S.M.T.H.?

  •  The game S.M.T.H.can be dangerous. Be careful not to harm yourself or others.
  •  Always be aware that there is enough space above and around you.
  •  Throwing the smartphone high in the air may damage the smartphone
  •  The author and distributor S.M.T.H. is not responsible for any damages or injuries arising from playing a game
  •  Measure high distances by throwing the phone
  • S.M.T.H.

Download the game S.M.T.H. ?

S.M.T.H. is a slightly strange game on smartphones – the goal of which is to throw your Android phone as high as possible. Trying, of course, not to break it. The game stores the best results of the week on a board for ranking. Thanks to this feature, you can compete with other players from around the world to see which of you is the best and most daring – or rather, who isn’t afraid to have their phone smashed. Remain. S. M. T. H is a very special game that is sure to give you a good time without a doubt. But you need to be careful while playing, so you don’t break your phone or have an accident.


How to play the game S.M.T.H.?

S.M.T.H. is the acronym for the Android app “Send Me To Heaven”, available for free in the Google Play Store. S.M.T.H. challenges players to throw their cell phones as high as possible and uses device sensors to record throw height. The results are published on the leaderboard and users can challenge their friends to beat their score. SMTH is not available in the Apple App Store, as it has been blocked to encourage behavior that may damage the user’s device. The abbreviation S.M.T.H. is often used in text messages as a direct abbreviation for “something.” However, with the development of more reliable AutoText software on most mobile devices, the use of S.M.T.H. in this context is now less common. Unlike some of the other slang terms we’ve covered, S.M.T.H. is not an acronym. Rather, it’s a contracted version of “something.” It is similar to other contractions, such as “SRSLY” and “NVM”, which mean “seriously” and “don’t bother”, respectively. It can be used as a shorter alternative to any place where you use “something,” or it can take on its meaning Completely private. It is very common in texts among younger mobile first-class users. You can also see it in posts and responses on social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.


What is the origin of the word S.M.T.H.?

S.M.T.H. was invented somewhere between the nineties and the early late twentieth century, around the same time as other slang terms on the Internet. It first appeared on early chat sites and internet forums and was later used in the SMS era. Its first entry in the Urban Dictionary online slang repository dates back to March 2004. The term is defined as “the contraction of the Internet to the word something.” Since then, it has been a common way to save the few seconds it takes to write the entire word. It has popped up on online content sharing platforms like TikTok, which quickly display videos with flashing text fragments.

  • S.M.T.H.

The most important queries about the game S.M.T.H.

  • I want to change my nickname how?
    Uninstall S. M. T. H. app and install it again. You will be asked to choose your name again.
  • The results are not accurate. Why?
    The app measures the distance from the hand to the highest point achieved – not from the ground! Also, if the phone is circulating in the air, the results are inaccurate.
  •  How can someone toss a phone more than 40 meters?
    I received some photos. I don’t want to post it because I wouldn’t recommend anyone to try it. It’s not a safe practice.
  • I still get 0m results even if I throw my phone high. Why?
    Each type of phone behaves differently as sensors are implemented differently. In most cases, the problem is caused by circulation in the air. Make sure S. M. T. H. is the only app that works on your phone. Place your phone on the palm of your hand, and a screen. Slowly move your hand down. Hold on. Smoothly throw your phone into the air about 50 cm from your hand, avoiding any spin. Let it land on your palm, and the screen is still up. Gradually increase the height.