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Real Moto

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Real Moto
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Version 1.2.144
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It is a motorcycle game in which players can ride dozens of different bikes on professional tracks while competing against players from around the world.
Controls in Real Moto have been carefully adapted to touchscreen devices. Your bike will accelerate automatically, but you can only brake by tapping your right finger on the brake and turn by lightly swiping your right thumb across the bottom of the screen.
When you start playing, you’ll only have one bike in your garage, but you can unlock more as you win races. In addition, you can customize each bike using different colors, which will also cost you some money. Of course, you can customize the appearance of your driver as well.
Real Moto is a 3D motorcycle racing game that comes with a fun campaign mode where you can compete against a large number of rivals over numerous circuits.
Real Moto game gives you a special and different racing experience with great graphics with smooth and wonderful gameplay that will be able to engage you even for hours. The presence of all types of motorcycles in the world, amazing roads and racing tracks, the ability to choose a motorbike driver and great in-game customizations have made this game, one of the best games of its kind.
Real Moto
It is a high-quality game with high-quality graphics and beautiful gameplay that allows players to play the character of a professional motorcyclist who races his motorcycle and has to face other powerful motorcyclists on a variety of challenging tracks.
Be competitive and compete to win the first person title in the game. Over 10 tracks and 20 engines available. Players can choose from their favorite engines to increase their score.
Real Moto
A game featuring extreme roads and super sports engines with realistic design combined with gorgeous 3D graphics and unparalleled visual quality created and presented by Dreamplay Games.

What is the game?

Real Moto
It is a realistic racing simulation game on motorcycles. You will be seen in the role of a professional motorcyclist. Choose the type of clothing, hat, gloves and equipment. Build your favorite engine. Participate in motorcycle races and show your skills with seat motorcycles or heavy motorcycles and win the field.

What are the features of the game?

•Real 3D graphics and different camera angles
– Supports different controllers and intuitive controls
– Exquisitely detailed and reproduced super sports motorcycles
– Realistic and lifelike racer movements
– Immersive environments for snow, rain, day and night
– Test different track from all over the world
– Colorful bike customization
– Motorcycle upgrades.

About the game

The game received a rating of 4.1 in the Google Play Store out of a total of 184 thousand ratings.
The application size is 167 MB.
Downloads reach 10 million and more.
The application was released in 2016.
The company producing the application
Dreamplay Games.