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Real Moto

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Real Moto
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Version 1.2.144
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Another fun with Real Moto Experience the exciting motorcycle racing game while driving at high speed and passing through vehicles, this bike race is endless where you can travel around the world with various missions and routes Ride a sports motorcycle and enjoy fast driving, turn on the top speed and hack vehicles to complete the tasks assigned to you You can upgrade your bike and own a bike with the highest specifications as soon as the tasks are completed.

what is the game ?

A motorcycle racing simulation game for Android phones. It is characterized by wonderful graphics, smooth performance, and excitement that it offers to players. The game was developed by Dreamplay Games, and the game provides several types of different motorcycles that differ in their performance, capabilities, and control. You, as a player, must choose the bike that is most suitable for you and begin the challenge. The game is available in several modes, including single-player mode and group play mode, where you can compete with other players from different parts of the world. The game also allows you to customize your motorcycle by changing the colors and accessories. The game comes with amazing 3D graphics and realistic sound effects, which makes the playing experience easier. More exciting and realistic, players have full control over their motorcycles as they can accelerate, brake, bend, jump and slide on the road in different ways. The game also includes a different racing mode, which allows the game to challenge and compete in high-speed races. The single-player mode features many different challenges and levels. The higher you rise in the levels, the greater the difficulty and challenge. The mode also includes various motorcycle races, which are one of the best features of the game. As for the group play mode, it allows you to compete with other players around the world, and is characterized by constant challenge and intense competition. If you are a fan of… Motorcycle games, Real Moto is the best choice for you, as it provides you with levels of challenge and unlimited fun and offers you an exciting gaming experience that is ideal for smart devices. Download it now and enjoy the challenge. It is ideal for fans of motorcycle racing and sports games. The game is characterized by challenge, excitement, and wonderful graphics, which makes it Worth downloading and trying.

What are the features of the game?

* It contains high-quality 3D graphics.
* Contains 30 types of unique motorcycles.
* Game control is smooth and simple with a variety of controllers.
* Actual environmental variables such as snow, rain, day and night.
* It contains many cities from the world to run the race.

About the game

The game received a rating of 4.1 in the Google Play Store out of a total of 184 thousand ratings.
Game size is 167 MB.
Downloads reach 10 million or more.
The game was released in April 2016
The company that produces the game Dreamplay Games.