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Real Moto

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Real Moto
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Version 1.2.144
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It is a motorcycle racing game. You will appear in the role of a professional motorcycle driver. Choose the type of clothing, hat, gloves and equipment. Build your favorite engine. Participate in motorcycle races and show your skills with seat motorcycles or heavy motorcycles and win the field. The Royal Moto game gives you an experience… Special and different racing with great graphics with smooth and wonderful gameplay that will be able to engage you even for hours. Having all kinds of motorcycles in the world, amazing roads and racing tracks, it is one of the best mobile racing games developed and released by a game studio. The game store intends to It offers you the latest version of the game in a modified version.

What is the application?

It is a game of professional motorcycle racing who races his motorcycle and has to face other powerful motorcyclists on a variety of challenging tracks. High-quality 3D graphics, comfortable control and camera from first and third person perspective help to feel the magic of racing when experiencing it. The player will sit behind the wheel of a horse. Iron and will drive on tracks against computer opponents. The user will have several game modes, six motorcycles and a few tracks. In addition to controlling the stories that are presented here, you can create your own stories and then test them. This part of the game features an improved and new physics engine, and a wide range From vehicles from scooters to incredibly powerful and cool motorcycles, in addition to a variety of control types, you can participate in a global competition with players from different countries and continents, where you will compete for supremacy and glory. Many game modes have been prepared for you, and designed With the finest details and realistic physics, the ability to improve your car and change its appearance, and multiplayer mode, more tracks and engines are available, players can choose from their favorite engines to increase their score, buy yourself a ticket and join the competitions, you will appear in the role of a professional motorcyclist, choose Type of clothes, hat, gloves and equipment, build your favorite engine, participate in motorcycle races and show your skills with seat motorcycles or heavy motorcycles and win the field, the ability to choose a motorcycle driver and the wonderful customizations in the game, made this game, one of the best games of its kind , a continuation of the incredibly popular racing game around the world, is ready to give you even more adrenaline-filled races, advanced car behavior physics, as well as stunning graphics with modern visual effects.

What are the features of the application?

•The game includes realistic physics.
•It contains a wide range of compounds.
•It has very wonderful graphics.
•Attractive and interesting game.
•It contains all types of modern motorcycles in the world.
•You can change the day and night.

About the application

It has a rating of 4.7 in the Google Play Store
Application size is 326 MB
The price is free
The producing company is Dreamplay Games Inc.