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Real Moto

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Real Moto
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Version 1.2.144
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It will give you the real feeling of driving the engine. Choose your gloves and suits. The racing engine takes your interest and participate in big solos or groups. Play in a mode that allows you to compete in different ways and at any level, or compete with other players from all over the world in the global ranking, no Forget to practice your best record and challenge yourself, we use the most realistic physics engine to create realistic controls and physical feedback, can satisfy the habit of manipulation from different perspectives.

what is the game?

Through it you can participate in a global competition with players from different countries and continents, where you will compete for supremacy and glory. Many game modes have been prepared, designed with the smallest details and realistic physics, in which thousands of Android users work to complete endless races on motorcycles. Enhanced power. In this new version, you will find new two-wheeled vehicles that you can use to compete on tracks full of obstacles. Here you will have access to a garage where you can exchange the pieces and resources you acquire using the rewards you obtain. You will find it within your reach starting from the first level. A powerful motorcycle that you can use to complete each of the tracks you see. On the right side of the interface, you will find the gas and brake pedals that allow you to control your speed. You will also find a map where you can view the location of each vehicle on the GPS during the big race. You will be able to… Constantly changing the position of the cameras to change the angle of viewing the course of the game, it is a very amazing racing game where you compete to find the best rider in each race, and being able to compete with other players in multiplayer mode while trying out new motorcycles makes this version a legitimate successor to the version First, to give you more adrenaline-filled races, advanced car behavior physics, in addition to stunning graphics with modern visual effects, this part of the game features a new and improved physics engine, and a wide range of vehicles from scooters to incredibly cool and powerful motorcycles, in addition to To a variety of control types, the ability to improve your car and change its appearance, a multiplayer mode, changing day and night, as well as a variety of weather conditions such as snow, rain, and even upgrades to make your engine high performance, each of these engines is simulated virtually Identical to the actual version, the feel of riding and controlling a real engine, miss this offer and start riding realistic motorcycles, excellent sounding of all types of engines, good graphics and easy motorcycle control make this game very fun, players can modify and upgrade one by one to create their own style in Racing cars to adapt to different road conditions, there are also many types of vehicles, this is a fun game, you should not miss it, if you still want to experience a different kind of driving fun, we also recommend using, a large number of competitions are available for players to choose from The money obtained from the competition will be used directly to modify and upgrade the vehicles.

What are the features of the game?

•You can choose the clothes and colors that suit you.
•You can participate in group or individual competitions.
•Contains realistic physics.
•It contains a wide range of compounds.
•Simple and easy to play game.

About the game

It has a rating of 4.1 in the Google Play Store
Game size is 167 MB
Downloads reach 10 million and more
The producing company is Dreamplay Games
The game was released on 04/29/2016