VPN for privacy | NordVPN Version 1.0.1 Explanation and download

VPN for privacy | NordVPN Version 1.0.1 Explanation and download

App Name
VPN for privacy | NordVPN
90 MB
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version 6.1.2
1.9/5 - (15198 votes)

The most secure app for iPhone and Android devices Improve your online browsing, gaming and calling experience The app is the best secure VPN app with ultra-fast VPN server to anonymously unblock websites, messaging apps, video player, social network and mobile games and secure your connection under WiFi or any other network , no matter you are in the office, school, home or any public place. Where the application is considered the most secure VPN protection application, an application that gives you the best degree of security and privacy. Yes, it is the official application. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can get a secure internet connection and stay safe while online. Do you often go to websites for information only to find that they are blocked? Are you annoyed by slow internet speed? Are you afraid of being tracked or monitored by hackers? Are you worried about the safety of your important data? To solve these problems, you need daily servicing.

App overview

Application stands for Virtual Private Network, which is a secure connection between two or more devices. Vpn is a virtual private network provider that will provide a fast and secure connection between your device and every website or app on the internet allowing you to appear anonymously anywhere you choose.
The VPN application is the best free VPN application for life and provides you with a service to protect your personal data with the utmost professionalism, as the VPN application unblocks blocked sites on Android phones
• Helps you access blocked content and websites: In some countries, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other websites are blocked for political or other reasons, the application optimizes the network to provide you with a reliable connection and you can enjoy your favorite videos and chat with your friends and family without any interruptions .
Why can’t I connect to a VPN?
First you have to make sure that your local network is connected to the internet. Since VPN is a local network connection based service, if your local network can’t work, then VPN services won’t work either. To determine if your local network is normal, please exit the VPN and then open your web browser to see if you can visit the website as you normally would. Second, if your LAN connection is normal, please reopen the VPN and then log in to the username and password to see if there is a message prompting an input error. If so, please enter the correct account information. In short, please make sure that your VPN service has not expired. If it expires, please complete the renewal as prompted. Sometimes our VPN server may be temporarily interrupted. If you are sure there are no problems with the above, please reselect the VPN server and reconnect. If you still cannot connect, please contact our online customer service via support email.
Why is my VPN connection slow?
When you use the Application Service, all network connections on your device will pass through our servers. So the speed of your VPN connection depends on the following 3 aspects:
• The speed of your connection to the local network. If your local network connection is slow, your VPN connection will never be fast. So, when you find a slow VPN connection, first make sure that the local network connection is normal.
• How quickly your local network accesses our VPN server. If you live in Asia, please use servers in Hong Kong, Korea, or the western part of the United States (such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston). If you live in the Middle East, please use servers in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, or the eastern part of the United States (such as New York, Washington, and Miami). If you live in South America, choose a US or Canadian server to connect to. In short, you have to choose the server closest to your location and connect to it. By doing this, your fast connection to our server will be much better.
• The speed of the network you access or the response speed of the service on our server. In general, the sites you want to access or serve in any country, you should try to choose a server near that country. For example, US server will be the best if you want to watch Youtube videos. When you find that your VPN connection is slow, you should follow the above principles to select a new server and reconnect. If it is still very slow, please contact our online customer service through facebook or email.

Application features

• A VPN eliminates all potential online risks to protect network security and privacy.
• IPsec and OpenVPN (UDP / TCP) protocols help you surf anonymously.
• 128-bit military-grade AES encryption to secure your WiFi hotspot and network connection.
• Global server: VPN has a global VPN network with thousands of servers around the world.
• No-Log Policy: This VPN allows you to surf the Internet in private. No log of users is saved.
• Extremely fast server: Access the fastest VPN servers with high speed.
• The application is suitable for those aged 4 years and over
• Ads can be placed by the application developer.

And you can download the application for Android devices from here, and you can download the application for iPhone devices from here

About the application

• The application version 7.14.1
• Updated date 01/09/2023
• Downloads 100,000,000 downloads
• The download size is 90.6 MB. B
• Required os version ios 13.0 or later
• Merchant name Nordvpn SA
• Date of issue 05/16/2016
• Rating of 4.7 out of 5