Best car driving game on impossible tracks

Best car driving game on impossible tracks

App Name
Mega Ramp Car Jumping
226.4 MB
Latest Version
Version 1.6.0
1.4/5 - (132 votes)

Mega Ramp car jumping is a game that makes you become a crazy driver as it is an amazing mega racing game by driving a car race on impossible and ramp tracks. Overcome the obstacles and complete the remaining missions by upgrading the intense and exciting works of large groups of cars and changing the front or rear wheels to accelerate the speed of your car to win the race and in return you get a lot of points that help you develop a lot of the contents of your car to run races with great confidence And multiple possibilities and innovative.

How to play Mega Ramp car jumping

After installing the game and opening it, you have to choose the car with which to start the race at the beginning, you have no options other than a car only after playing and earning multiple points that help you unlock the rest of the cars and if you are playing from the phone you just have to pass your finger to move the car and when you press the screen you jump to the top Or down, and if you are playing on the computer, move through the keyboard and move things through the arrow.

Features of Mega Ramp car jumping

• Contains exciting works very similar to parkour.
• It makes you feel realistic when car accidents and damage are incurred.
• It contains many game modes and different tracks.
• The way to play is very simple.

About Mega Ramp car jumping game

The number of downloads of the game has reached more than 5 million downloads within Google Play.
The size of the game is 91 MB in the Google Play Store, while the size of the game is 304 MB in the App Store.
The game has a rating of 3.4 on Google Play, and a rating of 3.3 on the App Store. [download]


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