Forza Customs – Restore Cars

Forza Customs – Restore Cars

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Forza Customs - Restore Cars
649 MB
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Version 1.1.7333
4.3/5 - (121 votes)

Forza Customs is ready to revive forgotten beauties and transform them into masterpieces. Unleash your creativity and design the perfect ride with amazing customizations. Immerse yourself in a fascinating car-themed puzzle game, where you solve challenges to improve the machine of your dreams. Explore endless possibilities as you choose between classic vibes or cutting-edge styles of treasures. Classics to high-performance monsters, customize and convert different types of vehicles Get your hands dirty and let your car fantasies come to life Download now and let the car customization adventure begin.

what is the game?

It is an electronic game where cars are modified and customized according to the tastes and desires of the players. The gameplay begins with purchasing a car for modification, then it is developed and its performance is improved by equipping it with various parts and accessories such as engines, tires, audio systems, wings, rims, and others. Players also have unique design options for colors. Cars, Skins, Graphics and Stickers Forza Customs also offers a single-player mode, where players can explore an open world and embark on different races and missions to win rewards, unlock new cars and achieve victories. The game can also be played online, where players can compete with other players from around the world in races Exciting and challenging With its realistic graphics and amazing sound effects, Forza Customs transports players to a fun and exciting racing world to control customized cars, climb peaks and achieve victory. Through this wonderful gaming experience, players can enjoy modifying cars and experience the power of their performance and design in an exciting and challenging gaming environment. .

How do you use the game?

By joining this game, players will immerse themselves in a unique car world, where each distinctive car can be customized and restored according to their personal preferences. The most important feature of the gameplay is the intelligent combination of puzzle solving and creativity. You’ll start your journey with a 2018 Ford Mustang GT and explore, design and build it step by step.
Gradually, you have the opportunity to access classic cars such as the Volkswagen Type 2 De Luxe to the modern and powerful Porsche Taycan Turbo S. As you progress through each level of the puzzle, you can unlock additional credits to customize your car to create unique and stylish creations. The options in the game are also very diverse to help players… Create the perfect car according to their preferences.
However, the exciting and amazing feature of Forza Customs is that the game is not focused on racing. There is no breathtaking driving or speed racing. Instead, the gameplay mainly revolves around puzzle mini-games that provide a “Candy Crush with Cars” experience moreover. This game also offers an offline play mode and regular new content updates so players always have access to the latest challenges.

What are the features of the game?

•Customize cars with an old look or move to a modern style. You decide, you design.
* Design and modify different types of cars and vehicles, including fun classics, high-performance race cars, and more.
* Express yourself with an amazing array of car components, paint, covers and accessories.
* Enjoy an irresistible gaming experience with offline mode so you can take the game wherever you go.
•Encounter challenging puzzles and dozens of game modes for endless car-themed fun.
* Frequent, fresh and free content updates with exciting new projects and live challenges to take on.

About the game

The game received a rating of 4.6 in the Google Play Store out of a total of 86 thousand ratings.
The game size is 555 MB.
Downloads reach 5 million.