Forza Customs – Restore Cars

Forza Customs – Restore Cars

App Name
Forza Customs - Restore Cars
649 MB
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Version 1.1.7333
4/5 - (4 votes)

It is a car game that includes many puzzles. There are thousands of levels with increasing difficulty. The more levels you pass, the more difficult the parking jam puzzles you will encounter. You can return it to its former glory and beyond. Turn dreams into reality with amazing car customizations. Solve puzzles. To help design, customize and fine-tune the perfect set of wheels, each car has an arrow that tells you where you want that car to go. Select the cars in the correct order and solve the traffic jam. There are plenty of levels to play, including some extra challenging boss levels.

what is the game?

It is a different and wonderful car game, getting your car out of the parking area is a big challenge, just like solving the parking jams in the classic puzzle game, move the cars that block your way one by one in the correct order, free your car from the parking jam, face the challenges of puzzles and dozens of modes The game to enjoy endless car-themed fun, there are frequent, fresh and free content updates with exciting new projects and live challenges to be faced, you can customize the cars with a retro look or go for the modern style, you decide, you design, design and modify different types of cars and vehicles, Including fun classic cars, high-performance race cars and more Express yourself with an amazing array of car components, paint, wraps and accessories Enjoy an irresistible gaming experience with an offline mode so you can take the game wherever you go, as you compete with others to complete levels in the fastest time time possible, win the race and the epic prize will be yours, can you solve the traffic jams and become a highway champion, you need to discover a way to get your car out by solving puzzles for example by moving car blocks, horizontal cars can only be moved horizontally, while Vertical cars except vertically, car escape puzzle game is easy to pick up but hard to master, just drag to move the car, car obstacles on the road leading to the exit can make the puzzle harder than you think, you must have experienced parking jams or bottlenecks Realistic rush hour traffic, in a crowded parking lot, many other people’s cars are blocking your way out.

What are the features of the game?

The game offers players the opportunity to renovate and restore a variety of damaged and dilapidated cars, from old classics to modern sports cars, allowing them to enjoy the process of car restoration from scratch.
Players can customize every part of their car, from changing colors and paintwork, to upgrading engines and installing unique accessories, allowing them to achieve a unique car that reflects their taste and personality.
It allows users to communicate with each other, share their ideas and creativity, and exchange tips and techniques in car restoration. This creates an enthusiastic and inspiring community environment.
The game provides multiple challenges to players, be it driving competitions or design battles, allowing them to test their skills and compete with other players from all over the world.
Forza Customs offers high-quality graphics and a smooth gameplay experience, making it both fun to play and watch.

How do I use the game?

Players can enjoy a car restoration experience, where they are presented with damaged and dilapidated cars that must be repaired and restored from scratch.
Players can customize every part of the cars, from changing colors and paint, to installing accessories and modifying engines, to design a unique car that expresses their personality.
Players can connect with other community members, share their work and ideas, and exchange tips and techniques in car restoration.
Players can participate in multiple challenges, be it driving competitions or design battles, to test their skills and compete with other players.
Players can explore different worlds within the game, discovering a variety of cars, locations and challenges.

About the game

The producing company is Hutch Games Ltd
The game size is 649 MB.
The game got a score of 4.9