Fing – Network Scanner

Fing – Network Scanner

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Fing - Network Scanner
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Version 12.5.1
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Discover a new world of communications and technology with the Fing app – Get your Wi-Fi network details, evaluate your internet speed, and discover devices connected to your network with this amazing app.

What is the application?

It is an excellent application that provides a set of tools that help in managing and examining networks. This application is a powerful tool for professionals working in the field of IT and networking. It gives them the ability to know basic information about any device in the network, examine network security, and analyze performance.
One of the most important features of an application is its ability to discover and display all devices connected to the network. The Fing app displays information such as IP address, device name, device type, connection status, and open ports. This makes it easier for administrators or users to identify network problems or unwanted devices.
Provides advanced network scanning tools, including network security scanning and performance analysis. The app alerts you to security risks such as weak passwords or devices using outdated software known to have limited security. Fing also allows you to test your internet speed and analyze performance to reach the best network performance.
An app interacts with IoT technology, where it can detect connected devices such as smart devices, smart home controllers, and other devices. Thanks to this ability, you can monitor and control your home network remotely.
The application is a powerful and useful tool for managing and scanning networks. It provides accurate and detailed information about connected devices, security and performance while interacting with IoT technology. Whether you’re an IT professional or a casual user, Fing can be a valuable tool in network management.

What are the features of the application?

You can use it to find all the devices connected to your network, whether they are computers, smartphones or other devices. You can get detailed information about each device, such as IP address, recent usage history, and more.
It allows you to test your internet speed easily and accurately. You can measure the download, upload and ping speed in a short time. This gives you a clear idea of the quality of your Internet connection and can help you diagnose any potential problems.
Using you can know all the devices connected to your network and track them in detail. You can also prevent unwanted devices from accessing the network or change the security settings of the network.
It helps you discover and manage Internet devices connected to your network, such as smart devices and other IoT devices. You can find these devices, monitor their usage, and improve your network security.
It has a simple and easy-to-use interface and works on various devices and platforms. It allows you to download the Fing app on your smartphone, tablet, or PC and easily manage your network from anywhere.

How do I use the application?

Scanner is used to find out which devices are connected to your network. It shows you information and details about each device, such as the IP address, device name, equipment manufacturer, and MAC address.
You can use it to test network connectivity, such as testing internet speed, modem connection, and connection quality.
You can share information about devices connected to your network by using the Fing app. You can send a report as a CSV or PDF file to others.
It displays your network in simple, straightforward graphics, making it easy to notice hacker attacks and security issues.

About the application

The application size is 15 MB
The application received 4.5 out of 457 thousand.
Update date: 8/23/2023
Downloads 50,0000,000
Trader name: Fing Limited