CarX Highway Racing

CarX Highway Racing

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CarX Highway Racing
1.2 GB
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Version 1.75.0
4.4/5 - (50 votes)

Speed racing in public streets is certainly a completely illegal act, and indeed the city police will try to prevent this thing from happening in any way and will provide continuous patrols in all parts of the city and on all roads to limit racing between those fleeing the law, and let us tell you that you are now one of these people and you will The fun is complete with the constant police chases in CarX Highway Racing, an open-world game. That is, you can move with complete freedom in all the streets without racing restrictions. While moving in the city, it is possible to meet a police patrol, and they will recognize your car. A strong chase will begin, and you will have to escape. Most importantly, the game provides you with The mode of buying a police car and switching roles, meaning you are the one who conducts police chases with those fleeing the law and you obtain this car from the store, and the CarX Highway Racing game provides many types of cars in huge numbers.

what is the game ?

It is a competitive and exciting car game aimed at users of iPhone devices. It is famous among fans of car games for the quality of its incredibly realistic graphics. In the CarX Highway Racing game, the player must drive his supercar after choosing it from the variety of cars offered by the game, to accomplish difficult missions across highways. From all the cities of the world, but he must be careful not to attract the attention of the police, who will do the impossible to thwart his missions. Through the world of the CarX Highway Racing game, which is designed to simulate reality in an incredible way, you will notice the weather changing sometimes from sunny to rainy. You will also notice the passage of time through the change in location. The sun sets until darkness falls. All this, in addition to the sound effects, will immerse you in a world of excitement and enthusiasm. One of the most prominent features of CarX Highway Racing is the car customization system. It allows players the freedom to customize their cars with various options such as decoration and exciting changes in appearance. This allows them to create a style. Unique and attractive for every car. In addition, players can improve the performance of their cars by installing compatible parts for special features or performance. CarX Highway Racing offers smooth and highly sensitive control modes. Players can customize the control modes according to their preferences, allowing them to have the best possible racing experience. The animation effects of the cars are carefully designed to increase the realism and liveliness of the game. CarX Highway Racing offers a wide range of sports cars for players to choose from. From vintage sports cars to powerful sports cars, there are 40 different models of cars available in the game. Each car is carefully designed and well-tuned. To provide a real racing experience for players.

What are the features of the game?

• The game provides a range of super cars with realistic designs for players to choose from.
• The game world is realistic with variable weather and time.
• It features fast roads inspired by real places around the world.
• The game provides the possibility of developing and customizing car parts.
• It is characterized by a smooth control method that makes driving more enjoyable.

About the game

The game received a rating of 4.7 on the App Store out of a total of 5,000 ratings.
Game size is 1.2 GB.
The company that produces the game KAR IKS TEKHNOLODZHIS, OOO