Anime: Stickman Hero Fight

Anime: Stickman Hero Fight

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Anime: Stickman Hero Fight
97 MB
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version 0.5
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It is an anime game and one of the distinguishing factors of this game is the quality of the beautiful graphics and simplicity in design, which makes it easy for players to enjoy the experience without any complications. You will feel comfortable and integrated into the world of wonderful battles that this game offers. Do not think that everything will be easy, as you progress in Story: You will face stronger challenges and opponents. The excitement lies in facing these advanced opponents and overcoming them using your improved techniques. You can use all kinds of powerful and interesting weapons for battle, while retaining the best part of the physical weapons, while still giving you complete control during the fight. Play Collect the best types of stick fighting weapons to make you stronger and stand out among others and become a stick man legend.

what is the game?

This game provides a lot of missions, and each one of them carries a new and exciting story. This helps you explore unique characters and interact with them during your journey in the game. Every victory opens a new window to the big picture. You must integrate the characters’ movements and use their skills brilliantly. Diversity in attack and defense requires you to think. Strategic in every step if you want to defeat your opponent. The game offers an exciting system for upgrading and customizing characters. The truth about true heroes and their strength is revealed. The two heroes fight on the battlefield, as each of them throws all his strength into those decisive moments, as the smallest mistakes can determine the fate of victory or defeat. The game’s gameplay presents a unique space where familiar superhero characters from the worlds of manga and anime meet. They all join the battlefield ready to take on the challenge. They can change their aura, change the color of their hair, and even transform into the form of a giant gorilla, which is a symbol of their ultimate strength. Each transformation enhances their power. Significantly, this adds unparalleled enthusiasm and excitement to the players’ experience. If you do not feel enough excitement while facing artificial intelligence players in story mode, matches are a great solution to achieve that feeling of challenge and competition. In this context, you have the opportunity to compete directly with… Other players from around the world, in this context, caution and strategy play an important role, as winning requires full control of your movements and quick adaptation to opponents’ strategies, and it is also a funny little party game for a number of players on mobile, this is a crazy multiplayer fighting game, Which can duel your family and friends, friends at parties on the same device, let’s go to stickman battle, two or more players, if you want to play with your friend on the same device, don’t miss playing fighting games, if you don’t have friends to play it on one device, All you have to do is play alone against the CPU.

What are the features of the game?

•The game is fun and very fast.
•It provides you with unique graphics, excellent music and sound effects.
•Unlock many modes and face many challenges.
•There are multiple weapons and a lot of boosters.
•The game works on Android devices.

About the game

Rated 4.7 MB
Game size is 97 MB
The price is free
The producing company is Visionary Games