AirBrush – Best Photo Editor

AirBrush – Best Photo Editor

App Name
AirBrush - Best Photo Editor
375 MB
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version 5.2.0
2.5/5 - (4 votes)

With the spread of image editing programs, we find the majority using the Photoshop program, which needs a user with high experience in using the program, in addition to the fact that Photoshop is not free, but now we have many other free programs for editing images and do not need an experienced user because it is easy and simple. Methods that contribute to making adjustments to color and light to improve the image, where the original image is changed by adding new elements and changing the appearance of objects, where an image can be designed in ways that are not possible in the camera, through image editing, and the photographer can add his unique style to an image or Enhance the appearance of the original image, which produces an image of its own and unlike any other. In addition, most of the basic smartphones out there provide many applications for editing images so that anyone can learn and apply the editing process.

Application explanation

It is one of the best photo editing applications, which enables the user to reach the nice degree of perfection that we always look for in the captured images. It helps the user to fix errors, remove blemishes, and improve lighting and image colors, which gives you an amazing result for an image that enjoys purity and clarity. It is up to the tools to lighten and improve the quality of images The images available in the application are one of the best features of this application is that it has its own effects, thanks to which you will be able to modify your photos with many filters at the same time with just one click. Do not forget, however, that you will be able to use all these tools individually and manually if that is what You’ll be able to do things like whiten your teeth, widen your eyes, smoothen your skin and much more, all with super simple tools that are clear and easy to use. Once you’ve finished working on all of your photos, all you have to do is save them to your smartphone’s memory. It will be readily available to share on any of your favorite social networks.

Application features

• The application is completely free and does not need to pay any money to download it.
• You can remove impurities from photos, dark spots and pimples. With one touch, you can enjoy the purity of the skin to look its best.
• It adjusts the color of the teeth and the color of the eyes, so the application helps to lighten the color of the eyes and change it to the preferred color. It also helps to remove yellowing of the teeth to make the pictures look more attractive.
• Allows you to use different filters to get the perfect lighting, inspiring color tones, vitality, and brightness in your photos.
• The application has an easy and simple user interface without facing any complications or problems in dealing with it.
• It does not consume much battery charge.
• Compatible with all smart phones.
• Supports many languages, including Arabic and English.
• The application is characterized by its small size and does not require much storage space.

About the application

The application got a rating of 4.1 in the Google Play Store, with a total of 1 million reviews.
The application size is 128 MB.
Downloads reach 50 million and more.
The application was released in October 2015.