AirBrush – Best Photo Editor

AirBrush – Best Photo Editor

App Name
AirBrush - Best Photo Editor
375 MB
Latest Version
version 5.2.0
4.9/5 - (8 votes)

Who said we can’t achieve perfection in our photos? We believe all users should have the best editor and filter technology at their fingertips.
If you want to look perfect, you often have to resort to the selfie editor, today’s app is full of features.

What is the application

It is an application for editing images, one of the most famous applications specialized in the field of editing images in a functional way and helps to take selfies in a more attractive way and make many adjustments to them through a set of many tools that are available in the program. It has a high-quality camera and various effects, through which the user can edit many photos after he takes them. This camera pays attention to the most facial details. The application is easy to use. Non-professional photographers can also create beautiful and very high-quality photos for themselves.
It has the ability to remove bruises and remove unwanted stains, you simply need to touch the places on the screen that you want to remove, moreover you can make your teeth whiter so that your smile becomes brighter in the picture, if you want your skin to be naturally white and stand out on photo, you can do just that with a feature that automatically can identify your complexion and make your overall white body all natural.
Giving users the desired features and effects, the application also provides convenient and very necessary tools for image editing tasks such as cropping, stretching, blurring, and reshaping a specific position in the image.
It contains a beauty function that many users expect, which is to automatically beautify the image. It does this using a lot of effects and filters. The images are instantly and quickly edited so that you can share them with your friends through many social networks.
If you like editing, you can blur the background yourself to make the main character in the photo popup.
To modify and install images and add effects to them. It is easy for the average user and contains a group of wonderful effects and filters, in addition to the wonderful and easy-to-use format.
It helps in the possibility of lightening the images, resizing the image or cropping the image, in addition to writing in the Arabic language on the images, because the program supports the Arabic language and the program has many advantages.
The application has an excellent camera with many amazing effects, you can access the filter and change it by swiping left and right on the screen or from the filter icon located at the bottom right, you can also set a self-timer to take the picture after 3 or 5 seconds, in addition to the ability to change the size of the image and add the effect of increasing the shadows at the edges of the image .

Application features

mean that it removes blemishes and pimples from the face.
Helps you improve your personal photos by applying touches to them, applying filters and imaginative effects.
You can make your photos like celebrities and artists with distinctive lighting.
The ability to rotate, cut and put written texts and stickers.
You can choose all the settings you want, and then you can take a picture with a quick implementation.
You can control the depth which gives you wonderful perfection.

About the application

The size of the application is 128MB in the Google Play Store
The app has a rating of 4.1
Update date 12/15/2022
Downloads 50,000,000
Developer name: pIxocial Technolgy