A unique application for editing photos and videos professionally

A unique application for editing photos and videos professionally

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Version 4.6.6
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In recent times, the sharing of photos and videos has spread widely and widely, and the first reason for the spread of this thing was the production of smart mobile phones with high-quality camera technology in order to compete with digital cameras with high prices, and the other reason is the spread of social networking sites that were created to share photo and video clips such as Facebook and WhatsApp And others, and this opened a greater field for developers and provided applications to edit videos and photos professionally without the need for a specialist to do montage.

And editing photos, but now it is easily available without paying a fee, such as the makaron application. The application helps in making videos from beautiful ready-made templates and gives you the ability to cut the face from photos and put it on another photo or video in a distinctive and professional way and using artificial intelligence techniques in editing photos professionally from Through simple and easy steps, include wonderful pictures and share them with friends.

makaron app features

• The application is free to download and all new is available.
• It automatically detects the AI ​​system and allows you to edit themes and wallpapers individually.
• It has automatic processing and deletion tools available to remove or move any object or individual in the image automatically with ease.
• Through the application, you can change the background in an easy and simple way, automatically, and the ability to create animated GIFs.
• It allows you to adjust the Blend tool by adjusting the borders of the images and editing the exposure and degree to create the best images and matching the subject of the images with the background.
• The application contains dozens of new filters, effects and filters available and is updated regularly

.• It contains a large set of renewable design templates that are ready and hidden permanently, as it is suitable for all cases and different devices.
• He does not need to register a new account or social media accounts.
• It depends on the on-line system and needs internet service.
• It is characterized by a small size as it does not require a large area of ​​​​the phone’s memory.

About makaron app

It has a rating of 4.1 on Google Play out of a total of 15 thousand reviews.
Its size is 81 MB.
Downloads reach 5 million.
Presented by Versa, Inc.
It was released in September 2017.



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