Driving Zone: Germany

Driving Zone: Germany

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Driving Zone: Germany
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Version 1.24.85
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The game will invite you to get behind the wheel of one of the German-made cars and go to conquer the tracks, participate in races or enjoy driving at the speed you want through the city streets. Here you will be presented with SUVs, sports cars and cars of various classes that will amaze you with their realism, detailed study of the body and dashboard, as well as Engine sounds corresponding to the selected car model. All this together will create the effect of live attendance.
In the game Driving Zone Germany you must choose one of four tracks, as well as determine the time of day and the density of car traffic. During the game, you must beware of collisions with other vehicles and road structures, because in each level the player will only have three lives, and realistic physics will not allow you Downhill In addition to testing the technical characteristics of transport and setting high-level records, the player will hone his driving skills and earn a good income for this. Virtual money comes for pumping cars and buying new steel monsters with a set of maximum mileage. After earning a certain amount of coins and experience points, the user will be able to Unlock 16 cars on offer, plus two additional tracks.

what is the game?

It is a driving simulation game that uses the new generation of 3D graphics engine to build environments and vehicles and stimulate players’ senses. The most important feature of this game is that the player can only use cars made in Germany, but the map can be anywhere in the world.
The game applies realistic physics and simulates the real driving experience while adding a high-speed racing element to stimulate the player’s senses to a new level. In short, players will experience driving powerful German cars with a completely new driving mechanism compared to other games.

How do you use the game?

It is a racing game for Android. Drive reliable German cars and race on different tracks. Choose a car that meets all your requirements and drive along city streets or rural highways. Drive a sports car, drive an SUV, or drive an economical car through busy city streets. Show all your driving skills. Do not break traffic rules. Drive your car forward and drive along busy roads at night and in various weather conditions.
After downloading Driving Zone Germany first, choose one of a wide range of cars and drive through city highways and roads Use powerful sports cars for racing Great options for customizing car elements, allowing you to technically modify any of your cars In front of you is an open world with dangerous lanes and unexpected intersections Move through city streets and country roads during the day and night Be careful to drive more carefully on winter roads because there is a risk of drifting and skidding Increase your driving experience by increasing the volume of traffic.

What are the features of the game?

•Beautiful modern graphics.
•Realistic car physics.
•Change the time of day in real time.
•Classic German cars.
•4 tracks with different weather conditions.
•First person view.
•Internal camera.
•Automatic cloud synchronization of game progress.

About the game

The game received a rating of 4.3 in the Google Play Store out of a total of 100,000 ratings.
The game size is 154 MB.
Downloads reach 10 million.