Hint: Horoscope & Astrology

Hint: Horoscope & Astrology

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Hint: Horoscope & Astrology
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Astrology Zone is described as providing accurate readings that are easy to understand. The app offers detailed forecasts based on what you can expect from the month. It offers daily and monthly horoscope predictions and very optimistic compatibility charts. You will also find a section to learn astrology that contains content about the planets and how they affect your personality traits along with predictions about aspects of your personality. You can also check past readings as far back as the previous month. Alignments of planets and stars are supposed to influence your personality and destiny. Astrology apps provide insights about things like finances and relationships based on your date of birth and location, and then again. Others There are a lot of horoscope applications that can be chosen one of them. Here are the best applications of astrology and horoscopes for Android and iOS operating systems. Astronomy research rarely contributes directly to tangible results within a short period of time e Through astronomy, the development of any space system can be fully monitored from its birth until its death, because the age of stars and galaxies extends from millions to billions of years, and accordingly, scientists rely on snapshots of astronomical bodies at different stages of their life to determine how they are formed and developed until their death. By talking about the study of astronomy, it is studied Visually, by studying the celestial bodies in the visible range, and in a non-visual way, by studying the wavelengths of gamma rays that result from the bodies. In the world of horoscopes and expectations, people are divided into three groups, including those who do not give importance to the matter and do not read anything about their horoscope, and another group finds that it is a door for entertainment and is content with reading. Their horoscope predictions are a kind of waste of time and there is a small section of people who are obsessed with reading their horoscope and believe what the astronomy tells them to a great extent.

Application explanation

It is considered a unique free application, as it provides you with astronomy forecasts for a period of three days, which includes an evaluation of four areas in your life, which are mood, emotional life, money, and work. In addition, it provides monthly and annual forecasts for your horoscope, and you can access these forecasts without being connected to the Internet. If you want to browse your horoscope predictions while you go to work You can simply open the application and do so, and thus the planets will guide you at any time you want. You will also learn through this application some things related to the planets and constellations with an explanation of the personality of each constellation so that you can understand the person’s personality and behavior through his constellation. This application provides you with predictions based on your date of birth and displays predictions It also provides details and accuracy that encourages users to use it. It tells you the expectations of your daily horoscope in the various fields of love, work and health, and not only that. It gives you astronomical information about the movement of planets and other things that bring you closer to the world of astronomy. The program also offers many options such as the percentage of compatibility between you And between the partner, by entering your horoscope and his horoscope, as well as the option of knowing your horoscope. In case you do not know your horoscope, all you have to do is enter your date of birth for the program to It automatically tells you what your horoscope is and provides you with an analysis of your personality based on your date of birth.

Application features

• The application is completely free and does not need to pay any money to download it.
• The application has an easy and simple user interface without facing any complications or problems in dealing with it.
• It does not consume much battery charge.
• Compatible with all smart phones.
• Supports many languages, including Arabic and English.
• The application is characterized by its small size and does not require much storage space.
• The application provides you with predictions based on your date of birth.
• It shows you daily and yearly forecasts.
• It gives you astronomical information about the movement of the planets.
• You can choose the sign that you want to know the daily expectations of the owners of this sign.

About the application

The application received a rating of 4.2 in the App Store, out of a total of 67.9 thousand reviews.
The application size is 102.7 MB.
The company producing the application Ruby Labs ltd.