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Clap to Find

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Clap to Find
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And who of us has never lost his phone and suffered a lot in searching for it until he found it and it may be very close to us but we do not realize it and in many situations every day because of the accumulated work on us and thinking about many things and planning for them All these pressures affect us and lead us to forget some things including the mobile phone because of its small size and being one of the smallest things that are always with us it is easy to put it anywhere and not remember where you put it and search About it for a long time in different ways in order to reach its place and we may need another phone to call our number so we reach it by ringing sound or we search for it directly, but it needs a lot of time or the phone is closed or a charging interval so you cannot track its voice and this application helps you solve all this and search for the phone, whether at home, work or others And find the phone by clapping from the Google Play Store for Android It is a simpler but useful tool in finding your lost phone It is an easy-to-use application and enables you to find your phone just Just clapping is a simple and perfect solution that everyone of all ages can do, and the best thing is that it is a completely free application Do not worry anymore about losing your phone, just clap so that the phone appears in front of you.

Application Explanation

The application is one of the best applications from which you can find your phone, whether by clapping or whistling and even from a distance, and the application is based on the idea of responding to our phones to certain sounds that we users issue and these sounds are a whistling or clapping of the phone to issue a ringing sound even if it is closed or in silent mode and this ringing can be customized and adjusted to be with vibration or flash operation to be a signal for you when you see it knowing its place to help sick people forget the job Its own is to make a sound at a distance of 20 meters and more, and any user can adjust the degree of sensor of the phone, and when you turn it on for the first time, you have to make the sound twice to save your voice and start matching it when it works.

Application Features

• The application is completely free and does not need to pay any money to download it.
• You can find the phone by turning on the vibration mode and feature, especially if your phone is in a place where you cannot hear the sound.
• With clapping, you will find the frequency of light from the flash helps you find it easily, through the flash adjustment feature.
• The application provides you with a large number of ringtones that alert you loudly, which will issue an alert sound with the highest tone, just choose the tone you want.
• Allows app with clapping to adjust tone volume.
• The application has an easy and simple user interface without facing any complications or problems in dealing with it.
• Does not consume much battery charge.
• Fits all smartphones.
• Supports many languages, including Arabic and English.
• The application is characterized by its small size and does not need a large storage space.

About the app

The app got a rating
3,1 in the Google Play Store out of 48k reviews.
The size of the application is 8,5 MB.
Downloads up to 10M and above.
It was released in July 2013.